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Corporate Gifting: Good Ideas and Bad Ideas

Corporate gifting is valuable for leaving positive and lasting impressions on clients, employees, and partners. However, making the wrong gift choices can do the exact opposite. A poor business decision can impact your company’s reputation, and there are some simple ways to steer clear of some common mistakes.

Bad idea: Giving everyone a similar gift.
Good idea: Being specific whenever possible.

It may be less expensive to order a large quantity of shirts or branded gifts that suit one group of people or another. But even just splitting the cost into two orders will make a difference in reception and appreciation. Some examples: Ordering only men’s sizes in branded clothing items alienates women. Choosing only items appealing to the younger generation will set the older clients or employees apart.

Split gifts into a few different categories that can be used more specifically, rather than making one big order that will be less inclusive. Deciding to pick items using a one-size-fits-all approach means that you consider all recipients as the same rather than unique individuals.

Suggestion from C&T:

Everyday Tote

Everyday Tote.
This classic tote is a great start! It’s perfect for organizing and protecting gear for just about anyone, and can be easily paired with other items on our site to fit any style.

Men’s Endurance Fulcrum Full-Zip.
Women’s Endurance Fulcrum Full-Zip.
A stylish choice of outerwear for both the ladies and the men. No more giving a unisex, one size fits all piece of clothing!

Bad idea: Being downright cheap.
Good idea: Staying within budget.

We’ve heard some pretty ridiculous stories, and even had experiences ourselves of terrible corporate gifts. We’ve heard of companies gifting nail clippers, $10 vouchers to the concession stand at a sporting event, and even $5 gift cards to stores at which nothing is priced at less than $100.

Staying within budget is very different than being cheap. The examples we listed above seem to have been checking “to-do” items off a list, and hoping no one would notice the carelessness. If the purse strings are particularly tight this year, put some extra thought into gifts instead of just picking anything.

Suggestion from C&T:

Pint cup

Pint Cup.
Cup, vase, snack stash, fort for ants, this pint dominates whatever task you assign it.

Leather cord wrap

Leather Cord Trap.
It's small enough to fit inside your pocket yet secure enough to keep from losing your cords inside a big bag. In a matter of seconds, you go from messy to stylishly structured.

Bad idea: Giving useless items.
Good idea: Giving remarkable items.

When was the last time you used a mouse pad, stress ball, or a wall calendar? Money spent on outdated and useless gifts is not only a waste, but a good way to get a bad response. Choosing valuable gifts that people actually use goes much farther than just the gift itself.

Suggestion from C&T:

3-Screw Vachetta Leather Journal

3-Screw Vachetta Leather Journal.
Beautiful, classic, timeless. Made from the finest vegetable-tanned leather and filled with hand-pressed paper.

Wood Power Bank

Wood Power Bank.
Full of 6,000mAh of power and encased in all-natural real wood materials, this power bank is not only wonderfully useful but also uniquely appealing.

At Clove & Twine, we leave the guesswork out of corporate gifting because everything we offer on our site is high-quality and remarkable .

When it comes to giving corporate gifts, leave a good impression by choosing wisely. Keep your focus on items that are high quality and useful to the recipients, and practice thoughtfulness above all else.

Ever gifting thoughtfully,



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