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How to Throw a Summer Employee Party

The warmer summer months have finally arrived, and we’re ready for some outdoor fun. At Clove & Twine, we know the importance of taking some time to relax, so we take our pool time very seriously. (Well, as serious as pool time can realistically get.)

A great way to show employee appreciation during these warmer months is by having a summertime soiree. It allows employees a chance to get to know one another more, and converse with co-workers and bosses on the same level.

Pool floaties

How to Throw a Fun and Memorable Summertime Work Party

  • Set up a budget ahead of time.
    Rather than having to run every little detail by the boss, come up with a list of what you’d like the party to entail and present a budget proposal. Remember to include alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (or bar tab limit), food, space rental fees, entertainment, and party favors or employee gifts.
  • Pick a theme.
    Choosing a unified theme for your event encourages employee bonding. Costumes are fun when doing certain outdoor events like company picnics or golf outings, and they are a built-in conversation starter for teams that don’t normally hang out.
  • Bring the party with you.
    Hosting a pool party? Provide plenty of pool floaties, crazy straws, ice cream sandwiches, and grilling goodies. Having a rooftop get-together? Bring colorful cocktail napkins, string lights, bubbles, and make sure there’s a good sound system. Don’t expect the party to just happen. The little details go a long way in making a lasting impression.
  • Consider including additional guests.
    If budget allows, encourage employees to bring along their loved ones. This provides the opportunity for people to get to know their fellow employees on a deeper level.
  • Use the party as a platform for good news.
    Maybe the boss has decided to allow for shorter summertime hours, or half-day Fridays. Maybe there is a new policy change, or exciting client that the company has partnered with. Rather than presenting the news at a meeting, save these special announcements for the party to make it an even happier occasion.
  • Give thoughtful summer-themed gifts.
    Summer parties are a great opportunity to give thanks to everyone for all their hard work. Choose gifts or kits that are high-quality and functional, that they will appreciate for years into the future. Great corporate gifts will spark memories associated with the event, and connect the item that they will use every day with positivity.

Our favorite items to give at a summertime work party:

Travel Game Set

Double-Sided Travel Game Set

Inspired by long summer days spent at the beach, this is a modern and beautifully made gift for just about anyone. The set-up is so easy - just unroll or unpack the bag, take the pieces out, and play!

Giant Wood Block Tower That Tumbles When You Play

Giant Wood Block Tower That Tumbles When You Play

Have employees put their balancing skills to the test by carefully removing wooden blocks from the tower one at a time. A great game that is simple to learn and everyone can participate!

Moscow Mule Copper Cocktail Mug

Moscow Mule Copper Cocktail Mug

Employees will want to start using this mug the moment they receive it. Not only is this copper moscow mule mug a joyful representation of summer, but it’s durable and functional too.

Beer Caddy

Beer Caddy

This insulated beer caddy comes with a retractable bottle opener in case of libation-opening emergencies.

Nomadix Festival Blanket

Nomadix Festival Blanket

Extremely soft and absorbent, this towel makes a wonderful gift to enjoy during the summer months. Great for poolside days, or simply hanging out in the park.

Summer gatherings are a wonderful way to promote bonding between employees, boost morale, and connect people that might not normally work with one another every day.

Go the extra mile by using your summer party as a way to show employees how much you appreciate them, by giving remarkable corporate gifts.

Gift remarkably.

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