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The 7 Best Journals of 2018

A meaningful gift is one that will last long after a special company event. It’s one that will resonate with a recipient, that they will cherish and want to continue using over and over again. 

A journal perfectly embodies this type of corporate gift. A high-quality crafted journal is a gift that becomes a part of someone’s life. It becomes unique to them, and their own dreams, hopes, and plans.

It allows them to apply a functional tool that is beautifully bound to every aspect of their lives.


There are plenty of great opportunities when gifting a customized journal would make a significant impact, such as during:

  • Company retreats
  • Board meetings
  • Offsites
  • Anniversaries
  • Team building workshops

Journals may begin as blank pages, but they change and grow with the person that uses them.

At Clove & Twine, we offer an incredible selection of journals made from an array of different materials and styles. Our journals are also available in a wide variety of price points for any occasion or budget. As with all the products we have to offer, they’re uniquely remarkable!


3 Screw Vachetta

3-Screw Vachetta Leather Journal

A simple yet classic design, this journal is handmade in Italy from vegetable-tanned leathers. The pages are hand-pressed and even perforated for convenience.

Wasatch Leather Notebook

It is unusual when a journal can be rugged and elegant at the same time. Made with top-grain cowhide and a buckle closure, this journal will fuel any recipient’s desire to keep writing. It even comes with a paper refill.

Wood Box + Journal

Creating an extra special experience, this wood pocket journal and box are crafted using 100% sustainably-sourced cedar or walnut wood. Each box item is unique depending on grain of wood, and your added customization of course.

Vachetta Leather Post-Strap Padfolio

Keeping everything you need in one place, this padfolio does it with style. It even includes a fabric-lined pocket for bringing along your tablet device. It’s one sleek item to carry all the essentials into the boardroom, onto a plane, or anywhere in between.

Wood Padfolio

Clipboards are so 20th-century. This padfolio creates a strong surface for writing when standing or presenting, made from premium real wood in the USA with genuine leather binding.

Writer's Log

Writer’s Log Large Refillable Leather Notebook

A classic design, now available to refill with a new lined notebook. A gift that keeps on giving!


The best part of everything we have to offer? We can make these journals even more special by personalizing them with a recipients initials, full name, or a company logo.

In a digital age where everything can feel so temporary, a journal is tangible and timeless.
For your next corporate gift, give something that will last for years to come!

Ever gifting remarkably,

Clove & Twine

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