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Infographic // Why Should I Give Branded Gifts?

How frequently would you say that you come across an item that’s branded with a company logo? Now consider how frequently you end up using or wearing a corporate gift. Is it at least once a week, or maybe even on a daily basis?

Here are a couple of statistics you may find surprising:


Corporate gifting statistics


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How frequently would you say that you come across an item that’s branded with a company logo? Now consider how frequently you end up using or wearing a corporate gift. Is it at least once a week, or maybe even on a daily basis?

Here are a couple of statistics you may find surprising:

  • 73% of people say they use a corporate gift at least once a week
  • 45% of people say they use those gifts at least once per day

Research shows that promotional products make a lasting impact on consumers.


In order to be successful, your brand needs to be seen. Even better, seen continuously. Your brand and company needs to be brought up in conversations. You need to be noticed and remembered, and remarkable corporate gifts are a great way to accomplish this.

Unsure of where to begin? Lucky for you, we’re experts in this field. In this infographic, we’ll address your questions and concerns in order to bestow the confidence you need to incorporate corporate gifting into your advertising strategy, and inspire ongoing brand recognition.


What is a corporate gift?

Corporate gifts (or promotional products, branded products) are imprinted or decorated items that are used to promote a service, product, or program provided by your company. Pretty simple, right?  


What is the value of providing customers, partners, or employees with a corporate gift?

Corporate gifts do so much more than simply show off your brand. These products are useful items that are retained and appreciated by recipients. They are used over and over again, meaning one investment in a branded product will be repeated in the minds of the recipients without an added cost to your company. That’s pretty darn valuable if you ask us.

High quality, well-crafted corporate gifts are cherished for much longer than a cheap alternative. Think of a truly great corporate gift as a legacy investment that’s intentional and thoughtful. A great corporate gift accurately represents the value of your brand’s mission and will be used and reused for years to come by the recipient.

Just to hammer this point home:

81% of people will keep a corporate gift or promotional product for more than a year.

To break this statistic down further:

  • 18% of people will keep a promotional product for 11+ years
  • 22% will keep a product for 6-10 years
  • 41% for 1-5 years
  • 19% for less than a year

Pro tip: Note that with all of these percentages when an item is high-quality, durable, functional, and valuable to the recipient, the long-term statistics are increased. These are the points that we at Clove & Twine aim to hit with the corporate gifts we sell.


Is giving away corportate gifts important within my industry?

Here is a list of the top ten industries that utilize corporate gifts (in no particular order):

  1. Technology
  2. Finance & Banking
  3. Healthcare & Medical
  4. Non-Profit
  5. Construction
  6. Government
  7. Trade & Professional Associations
  8. Real Estate
  9. Automotive
  10. Professionals (Doctors, Lawyers, CPAs, etc.)

Additional industries that greatly benefit from using promotional products to advertise themselves are: energy, hospitality, event planning, fitness & spas, education, and retail and merchandising.

Pro tip: No matter what your industry branded gifts are a beneficial investment. Any company that has clients, customers, employees, and/or partners will have a positive return on well planned corporate gifts.


What if I’m unsure that my company’s target demographic will find value in my corporate  gifts?

No matter the demographic, advertising with branded corporate gifts will be effective. The Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, Millennials - all age groups respond well to corporate gifts. In fact, corporate gifts are ranked the #1 most effective form of advertising to prompt action across all generations.

And yes, that’s over television commercials, print, and online advertising. Branded corporate gifts have the highest advertising recall than any other advertising method. When surveyed, just 7% of people could recall the name of an advertiser after viewing a commercial on TV compared to 83% that could recall them from a corporate gift.

Pro tip: Imagine how these percentages will increase when recipients are given remarkable and high-quality branded goods. Consider how it reflects upon your brand when someone refers to a product with your logo that is interesting and reliable, that they are truly excited to talk about.


I don’t even know when I would give away corporate gifts!

There are plenty of ways to utilize branded gifts as a way to promote your business. The top ten ways to use corporate gifts are for:

  1. Brand recognition
  2. Brand or product awareness
  3. Confirming corporate identity
  4. Cultivating public relations and goodwill
  5. Supporting customer retention through appreciation
  6. Generating sales and referrals
  7. Stabilizing employee loyalty and retention
  8. Introducing new products
  9. Motivating certain behaviors and incentive programs
  10. Acquiring new customers

Pro tip: Get creative about the type of gifts you give, and when you give them. Here is more information about why valuable promotional gifts are effective.


What is the ultimate takeaway?

Corporate gifts work. Branded gifts allow a single investment to make a recurring impact on the recipient.

The best way to get even more bang for your buck? Reject the idea that gifting cheap swag will perform as well as the statistics report. Cheap promotional products do not represent the values of the brand you’ve worked so hard to establish. Choose corporate branded gifts that are valuable, remarkable, and that will be used and cherished for years to come. These are the products that make a real impact on the people you want to reach.


Ever gifting remarkably,

Clove & Twine



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