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This year, we are rewarding everyone who places their holiday gift order prior to September 15th, 2023 with up to 15% off*

At Clove & Twine, we understand that thoughtful gifts take time. Corporate holiday gifts that are not only thoughtful but high-quality, branded with your company logo, packaged and beautifully presented in a custom gift boxes, and shipped to their designated addresses? 

Well, that takes even more time.

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Why You Should Order Corporate Gifts Early This Year:

Why You Should Order Corporate Gifts Early This Year:

- Avoid any supply chain delays or inventory issues that could cause delays

- Significant savings on corporate gifts

- Best selection of inventory More customization options

- Avoid expedited shipping and/or rush fees

- Reduce holiday stress and have peace of mind

- High fives from your boss & colleagues

- Reduce holiday stress (yes, that deserves to be repeated)

- Receive the 'Early Bird' discount of up to 15% off

What matters is on the inside.

The quality of the contents in your corporate gift box should reflect the high standards of your business. They should be items that recipients will love, cherish, and use over and over again. Great holiday gifts should not be rushed - but considered, selected, and carefully packaged. Awe and delight is the result of this kind of thoughtfulness.

This holiday season, reap the benefits of early planning. Why not reduce holiday stress and enjoy a nice discount at the same time? You’ve earned it.

What matters is on the inside.
What matters is on the inside.

Budget Friendly Holiday Gifts

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Limited time offer: Discount up to 15% off on products and logo decoration only (discount amount to be determined by your account manager). To qualify, buyers must submit *and* pay for the order in full by 9/15/2023, and the order total must be in excess of $5,000. Discount cannot be used in combination with any other discount offer.