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The gift of choice

Our corporate gifting platform makes your life easy by allowing your recipients the freedom to choose the branded gifts that they want, enter their address, and have gifts shipped directly to their door.

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Why do you need a gifting platform?

Your recipients are unique individuals that have different desires, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Many may work remotely or change their address year to year.

Rather than spending time trying to keep up with all of these individual needs, our corporate gifting platform does everything for you, such as:

- Collecting recipient’s current addresses, ensuring accurate delivery

- Giving employees the power of choice

- Creating a memorable experience that’s completely branded and personal

- Making gift order fulfillment an easy, seamless process

How does a gifting platform work?


We build a unique portal, fully customized with your logo and brand guidelines, populated with the gift options you have predetermined.


Each person visits your custom link, chooses the gift or gifts they want, and then enters their current address details.


We drop-ship the gifts they choose directly to them. Bada-bing, bada-boom.

What else can I customize in a corporate gifting platform?

So much! Our corporate gifting platform is a dynamic offering that can be as simple or as complex as you'd like. Additional customization options include:

- Ability to choose sizing for clothing items

- Capability to offer unique options to select for each item, such as different colors

- Ability to allow selection of one product only, or multiple products

- Up-front inventory ordering to fulfill special events or ongoing gift programs such as new hire kits or thank you gifts

- Built-in logic that presents different gift options based on previous selections

- Additional landing pages designed for different audiences or occasions

- Inventory & analytics reporting

The gifting platform can even be as simple as an address collection tool or branded "thank you" page for recipients to enter their addresses, then we send each one a specific gift you've pre-chosen.

How much does a corporate gifting platform cost?

Our gifting platform is a free offering! You cover the cost of the items, customization, fulfillment, and the small monthly storage fee. We build and manage the landing page and portal, collect and manage data from recipients (including addresses), and facilitate all shipments. We also order, house, and manage any inventory needed to populate your corporate gifting platform.

Our corporate gifting platform is the easiest way to fulfill your corporate gifting needs. You simply supply us with your requirements, and we manage the rest.

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