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KP was established in 2014. Our motto is "Outfitters of the Modern Adventurer" as we strive to create over the op quality of bags to our customers. This is through leveraging cutting-edge technology with on-going Research & Development to deliver exceptional products. All of our bags are made from cruelty-free & eco-friendly materials in support of our environment. 

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Effortless loading and unloading

Zero-G’s swivel hatch lets you instantly see all your accessories and essentials.

Spacious and logical, this partitioned area includes a dedicated iPad compartment (ready for your mini or full-size device), pen slots (perfect for your multifaceted KP MultiPen), and a concealed pocket for your wallet.

The zipper lock

A Simple and smart design to secure your valuables.

If someone tried to unzip the bag, the loop lock would catch/get caught and you'd feel someone trying to pull it open. It's an extra-security feature that would make the bag more protected if you so choose.

The Secret Compartment

This compartment is so hidden that it's virtually invisible.

We've designed a passport sized secret compartment somewhere in the Sling to store your important belongings. We can’t tell you where this pocket is located, because then it wouldn’t be a secret anymore. You’ll have to really look for it to find it when you receive your Sling.

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