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Easy to fill, easy to clean, barista approved.

KeepCup began with a goal: to kick start new behavior changes and stop the need for single-use cups. They use their platform to deliver a positive global campaign to completely alter the status quo and encourage people and businesses to rethink what they use each day to reduce waste. 

KeepCups are now used in more than 75 countries worldwide, and people who reuse their cups divert millions of disposable cups from landfills every day. KeepCup is a 1% for the Planet member and a Certified B Corp, making them aligned with our high standards of value for both people and the planet. 

People love the look and feel of the unique KeepCup design, making it a remarkable, sustainable corporate gift for your recipients.

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KeepCup and the reuse movement have been built from the bottom up, inspiring individuals to make habitual changes in their daily lives that make a big difference. They have sought to inspire that change from the very beginning by making it a little more fun, inclusive, and easy. For many people, KeepCup is the beginning of a journey to find new ways to lighten their impact on the planet. 

They believe that individual, collective action is a powerful catalyst for change. When your recipients carry a KeepCup, it’s a signifier of the world they want to live in - and the values of the KeepCup organization reflect that.


The best reusable cup is the one that your recipient uses. KeepCup continues to design, engineer, and manufacture the best products, focusing on being capable for purpose, quality, and enjoyment. At KeepCup, they believe that the most significant impact is made when you buy once, buy well, reuse, and repair. 

KeepCup makes beautiful, stylish, and barista-approved cups, giving your recipients an elegant gift to enjoy great-tasting beverages. A great cup is as functional as it is appealing, just as a thoughtful corporate gift is as beautiful as it is practical!

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