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Corporate Event Gifting

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In Spring 2022


Soon we will be offering an exclusive on-site corporate gifting experience to our favorite clients and partners. (Yes, that’s you.) Elevate your next event to an unforgettable level with a curated, all-inclusive on-site corporate gift boutique.

Our Process

Planning a corporate event is a lot of work.

With our on-site gift program, we will implement an all-encompassing and memorable gifting experience from start to finish so that you don't have to.

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Everyone attending your corporate event is different.

In order for guests to fully enjoy their gifts they need to be empowered to choose what suits their personal style and unique needs. Choice is an exciting and valuable way to connect with attendees while leaving a lasting impression long after the event ends.


Our corporate event gifting plan will:

- Give you access to our team of professionals, who will help support and manage your gift selection and distribution

- Allow your attendees to touch, listen to, try on, sample, and interact with hand-picked quality products

- Provide attendees the capability to choose the gift they want, that they know they will use and love

- Remove any worry about event gift management - we will take care of all the details from gift selection, logistics, inventory, booth set up, guest experience, tear down, shipping, and anything else you need

Put simply: you share event details with us, we handle all logistics, guests choose whatever they want. Easy peasy.

We are excited

to curate a memorable corporate gift experience for your special events

Are you as excited as we are to get this party started?

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