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Custom Kits with Serious Swank.

When you need a gift with extra flare to make the biggest and boldest impression, these are the high-end kits for you. CONTACT US

Make Your Mark with High-End Custom Kits.

Extravagance is a unique luxury, and these kits create the full gifting experience. Make a bold statement with these remarkable custom kits that recipients will adore.

Extravagance and Luxury, All in One Box.

These custom kits aren’t for any average Joe. They are for the extra special. The head honchos, the big wigs, the heavy hitters. These kits are curated specifically to make a profound impact on the biggest and baddest recipients.

1. Adventurers Notepad

Executed using: Walnut Wood, French Paper, Brass Chicago Screws

This handcrafted notepad features an unique, embossed design and squared' page styles with dotted lines. 

Keep your handwritten content organized with the notepad's clean grid structure.

Deluxe packaging

Show that you go the extra mile.

2. Classic Care Kit

Created with: SuedeTex, French Paper, Cardboard Box, Mailing Tube

Premier gifting

Elevate your brand with premium packaging.

3. Custom Bottled Kit

Executed using: Book Board, Cordenons

Finishing touches

Make a lasting impression.

4. Phenomenal Packaging

Executed using: Wood Box, Wood Veneer

Carefully selected

Wrap your kit with love.

5. Prestigious Kit

Executed using: Wood Box, Wood Veneer

Wooden details

We make handcrafted custom boxes.

6. Survival Mode

Created with: Mailing Tube, French Paper, Wood Veneer

Exceptional packaging

Add a bit of color.

7. Illuminated Pack

Executed with: Mailing Tube, French Paper, Wood Veneer

Luxuriously boxed

Wine with elegance.

8. Wine packaging

Created with: Wood Box, French Paper, Leather

Custom stationery

Exclusively yours.

9. Customized letters

Executed with: Gmund Cotton

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