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Sweet Treats

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A slice of pie is great, but a slice of pie with a scoop of ice cream on top?

That’s what we’re talking about. A treat that is elevated. 

These delectable items are the perfect add-on to bring a kit or gift box to the next level. They are delicious, unique, and a wonderfully fun way to make your recipient feel joy and excitement when opened. 

These snacks are the scoop of ice cream on top of your pie.

Prices listed below reflect the additional cost to include each item in your kit selections. These items are not available for individual ordering.

1.Champagne Bears $8.50

Gummy bears that are exclusively for adults. Made with real champagne, these gummy candies were named “the perfect party favor” by Cosmopolitan magazine. They are a toast to your taste buds!

2.Kickstart Granola $10

A delectable snack for travelers and outdoor lovers alike, this granola combines a myriad of organic ingredients (oats, seeds, quinoa, almonds, chocolate, and coffee) to build a sweet, crunchy, and energy-sustaining treat.

3.Sea Salt Caramels $16

A vacation for your senses, coastal New England sea salt is beautifully blended with sweet caramel to give you a taste of beachside days, wherever you may be.

4.Mast Chocolate $6

This chocolate bar is extra creamy, made with organic buttermilk that is slowly mixed with cacao, sugar, butter, and vanilla. A grown-up treat that contains less sugar but much more rich and chocolatey flavor.

5.Maple Caramels $5

Enjoy the flavor of autumn all year round. Sweetened with pure New England maple syrup, these caramels linger on the tongue with their many nuanced flavors.

6.Garlic Ginger Beef Jerky $6

Extra thick cuts of 100% USA Beef are seasoned with an Asian-inspired blend of natural spices featuring ginger powder and savory soy sauce, then slow cooked for a minimum of five hours. The sweetness of the Teriyaki sauce and the bite of ginger powder enhances the rich meat flavor for a thick jerky with a great chew.

7.Original S'mores Kit $18

We invite you, no encourage you, to partake in an artisanal, mouth-watering version of this classic American treat. All grahams and marshmallows are handcrafted from scratch using ingredients.

Included: 8, 2.5" square Honey Graham Crackers, 4 Vanilla Bean Marshmallows, and 4 Bittersweet Chocolates

8.Coffee Chocolate Bar $7

Starring sweet, smooth and powerful Espresso Verde organic coffee beans with cashew nuts for creamy taste. Dairy-free, gluten-free and soy-free. 

9.Cane River Pecans $18

Sourced from the most respected southern pecan growers, these nuts have been praised up and down by chefs and foodies all over the world. These pecans are fresh, wholesome, and a naturally healthy indulgence.

10.Salted Toffee Bar $4

A decadent and smooth chocolate bar threaded with buttery toffee chunks and sea salt. To sweeten the deal, this chocolate is organic, soy-free, kosher, gluten-free, and Fair for Life certified.

11.Novo and Ozo Coffee $15-20

A sugar cane and milk chocolate sweetness is balanced by the fruit flavors of raspberry and tangerine with a creamy body and pleasant finish.

12.Chocolate Bacon Pretzels $8

Light, crispy, sweet, and savory, these mini chocolate bites have it all. Better yet, they’re made with soy bacon, making them accessible to vegetarians. The container is sure to go fast!

13.Shortbread $21

Made with the finest creamery butter, these shortbread cookies are handcrafted using the original recipe from 1975. A classic buttery cookie that will delight everyone.


Rich and velvety European style drinking chocolate, handcrafted using ethically sourced cacao beans from the Maya Mountain Co-op in Belize. 

Tasting notes include: dried plum/tart and cherry/jasmine.

15.Peppermint Hot Chocolate $19.50

Peppermint hot chocolate handcrafted using ethically sourced cacao beans. 

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