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The Brigham Health Department of Medicine, in Boston, MA reached out to Clove & Twine to help fulfill their year-end gift program needs for nearly 3,000 department employees. The Department required a unique gift arrangement, where employees could decide which of three high-quality product they would like to receive. Each item had to be branded with the department’s logo, and shipped directly to each recipient’s address with a low likelihood of returned packages to stay within budget.

The Department of Medicine wanted to recognize its employees for a year of hard work. With more than 3,000 employees, the Department employs a mix of men and women across a variety of roles including physicians, nurses, administrators, patient care staff, educators, and researchers.


Because of the high number of participants and the different gift choices available, Clove & Twine faced a number of challenges:

  • Availability of three unique gifts within budget that represented Brigham Health values accurately
  • The ability for all employees to choose their own gift, in a streamlined and organized manner
  • The ability for employees to pick their size for clothing items
  • Shipping to multiple different locations
  • Minimum return shipments, from bounced addresses


Clove & Twine addressed these challenges with a streamlined, organized process by:

  • Providing a wide selection of high-quality gifts for Brigham Health to select from
  • Designing accurate logo placement on the three gifts selected
  • Facilitating custom branding on each gift item
  • Creating a simple, custom, branded Google Form to send to employees to let them easily input their gift selection (and size request)
  • Collecting data from the survey, and collaboratively and securely managing the information and content
  • Monitoring the collected information, sort it, answer email questions, and providing general support
  • Packaging each item in individual custom boxes, with care and attention to detail
  • Fulfilling shipments of each gift to employees from the C&T warehouse
  • Managing returned shipments


Clove & Twine met and exceeded expectations according to the requests and needs of Brigham Health. The department was fully satisfied with the results of this project, which included:

  • Safe data collection of employees' information
  • Three different, high-quality, beautifully branded products to create a unique and valuable experience for each attendee
  • A 90.9% response rate by employees to the Google Form
  • Excellent customer service, and high response rate
  • 0.8% returned packages needing address correction (a huge success)
  • Ability to handle a high capacity of orders with unique requirements
  • Providing employees with branded gifts that they will use over and over again
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