What if you give company gifts that...

…recipients sincerely appreciate and actually use with pride? 

…are not donated or thrown away, but cherished and used repeatedly? 

…are aligned with your company’s values? 

…reflect what your recipient means to you and your company? 

…others will see and comment on their awesomeness? 

…make you feel good about giving them? 

…make your recipients feel good about getting them?

We asked these questions. We answered with Clove & Twine.

Our Story

Our Story

In 2016, we came up with an idea for a better future for corporate gifting. The concept was simple: what makes someone look at an item and say, “wow, that’s cool”? We call this “remarkability” - the likelihood of an item or gift’s ability to achieve praise or elicit a positive remark. 

Since then, our vision of corporate gifting has evolved even further. We will continue to grow with the needs of those we partner with and innovate new solutions. The world’s a-changing, and we’re leading the way.

We Find the Remarkable

The stuff people talk about. The pieces people remember. The beautiful, innovative gifts that artisans and manufacturers create.

We Create Joy

With every gift opened, we want that “wow” moment. The surprise, the gratitude, the smiles. Making others feel special drives our purpose.

We Believe in Fun

Our team is pretty great at having a blast, whether planned or spontaneously. We’re a goofy bunch of bananas, and you’re sure to have fun working with us.

Your Guide for Gifting

We aren’t nameless, faceless bots using algorithms and code to inefficiently direct your shopping experience. We are a real, human team of talented, experienced gifting pros that will guide you throughout every step of your gift ordering process. By cultivating an excellent shopping experience, we can help you customize gifts to fit your needs and maximize your investment.

Our Values


Relationships between people are what matter the most, and we celebrate them.


We take pride in caring for others and delivering happiness through excellent service.


We take responsibility for everything we do, and our standards uphold that value.


We constantly stay curious and explore new ways to learn and grow.


Every cloud has a silver lining, and we can find it no matter what.


The magnificence of this planet drives us to make positive changes every day.

The Clove & Twine Mission

The Clove & Twine Mission

Our mission is to help companies build lasting relationships through remarkable corporate gifts. We believe that thoughtful gifts help create and nurture relationships between each other. Ultimately, people are what’s important.

We believe that business is about meeting the needs of others. We show up with empathy, care, and understanding for our clients, partners, employees, and everyone in between.

The Clove & Twine Impact

The Clove & Twine Impact

We value sustainability and work to weave that value throughout everything we do and every new process we create. While we don’t have much control over the supply chains of companies that provide us with products, we do have control over the companies we choose to work with. We take action where we can, prioritizing partnering with companies that are doing good for the planet: 1% for the Planet members, B Corps, and others that value sustainability. 

This planet is our only home. We will always do what we can to use business to inspire, and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.