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Custom Ember Mugs

Ember was created to solve a simple yet universal problem for coffee and tea drinkers: beverages that get cold too quickly. They sought to design the most advanced containers to extend the moment of temperature perfection for hot drinks. Ember mugs are one of the most sought-after company gifts, easily customizable with your logo. They are sure to become your gift recipients’ absolute favorite mug. 

"As an obsessive coffee lover, there’s nothing I appreciate more than enjoying an amazing cup of coffee at the perfect drinking temperature. Simply put, temperature affects taste, and we want to empower people to discover that connection."

Clay Alexander, Founder and CEO of Ember

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Smart, beautiful design

Ember’s patented technology allows your recipients to set the precise temperature of their hot beverages so that they can enjoy a perfectly warm drink from the first sip to the last drop. Their mugs are perfectly weighted and designed intentionally, with the only visible technology being a smart LED light.
Every sip is the perfect temperature

Ember mugs are thoughtfully crafted, combining premium materials for a modern and sleek look, with advanced thermal technology. Recipients can easily control their perfect drinking temperature by downloading the Ember app and pairing their mug with their smartphone. Signature gold rings accent the bottom of each mug, allowing for easy charging on its matching coaster.

Every sip is the perfect temperature
Every sip is the perfect temperature
Every sip is the perfect temperature

A Coffee Lovers Dream Mug

A temperature-controlled mug allows for longer enjoyment and ultimate savoring while avoiding the dreadful microwave reheat. No longer will recipients have to toss lukewarm coffee - they can blissfully enjoy consistent temperature throughout every sip.

A Beautifully Branded High-Quality Gift

Ember mugs are one of the most coveted corporate gifts you can give. When a gift is sure to become your recipient’s most-used kitchen item, your company logo will be featured prominently and repeatedly every single morning.