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Custom Marine Layer

So soft, it's absurd.

When we say our stuff is soft, we really mean it. It's not like "oh, this feels nice" soft. It's "holy sh#% how did they make this I'm never taking it off" soft.

MicroModal, found in our signature fabric, is made from recycled beechwood. The pulp production is self-sufficient, which makes our tees sustainable, eco-friendly, and so. so. soft.

Beechwood pulp is spun into our custom fiber, which is the foundation of all of our yarns. We’ve created over 25 custom fabrics (and counting) using this method, so we’re not kidding when we say our clothes are one-of-a-kind.

Show your team you care about their comfort (and style) by decking them out with custom Marine Layer clothing. It's an instant classic, and will be worn for decades to come. 

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Custom Color Program

Marine Layer is able to produce 8 different styles in any Pantone color of your choosing. We’re like magicians. You can pick a color, any color, and we’ll make it happen. Plus, we’ll make it happen faster than anybody else.

The minimum order is 100 units per color and can be combined between different styles in the same fabric. Lead time is 3-4 days for everything. You’ll receive a color swatch in your PMS color for approval before we go to production. This program is available in the following styles:

Shortsleeve Tees, Longsleeve Tees, Pullovers


In case you didn't know, we're pretty obsessed with fabric. We've custom-developed over 100 fabrics. Our goal is to maximize our use of fabrics that minimize our environmental impact.

WHERE WE'RE AT: 75%of our newly-developed fabrics in 2019 use sustainable materials.

WHAT'S NEXT: 81%of our newly-developed fabrics in 2020 will use sustainable materials.

MADE RESPONSIBLY: 98% of our custom stuff is produced in California, by adults. We also visit every factory in person to make sure they’re as happy to be working with us as we are with them.

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