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When Marine Layer says their stuff is soft, they really mean it. It's not like "oh, this feels nice" soft. It's "holy sh#% how did they make this? I'm never taking it off" soft. MicroModal, found in their signature fabric, is made from recycled beechwood pulp. This production is self-sufficient, making Marine Layer’s tees sustainable, eco-friendly, and so, so soft.

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Hard Hitting Softness

Made Responsibly

Made Responsibly

Marine Layer has created over 25 custom fabrics (and counting), so they’re not kidding when they say their clothes are one-of-a-kind. Show your team you care about their comfort (and style) by decking them out with customized Marine Layer clothing. Their clothes are instant classics to be worn for years to come.

Low-Impact Materials

Marine Layer’s goal is to maximize the use of fabrics that minimize their environmental impact. They use materials made from safe, recycled, regenerated, or renewable inputs whenever possible, such as recycled polyester & nylon, organic cotton, hemp, and sustainable silk.

Learn more about Marine Layer's ReSpun Program.

Low-Impact Materials
Low-Impact Materials

Custom Colors

Marine Layer can produce eight different styles in any Pantone color of your choosing. They’re like magicians: pick a color, any color, and they will make it happen. Plus, they will make it happen faster than anybody else.

Sustainably Soft

Marine Layer is committed to keeping as many textiles out of landfills as possible with their Re-Spun t-shirt recycling program. They consciously build responsible and sustainable practices that care for their community and our planet.