How are orders processed?

All orders are processed through your C&T Account Manager. Once you pay your Shopify Plus invoice (you will receive an email to do this), you’ll receive a confirmation via email with your order number and details. At that point, your Account Manager will take charge of your order and oversee the success of your project. They will verify the order details, confirm product availability, artwork size/format, and any additional shipping information.

After initial details are confirmed, your Account Manager will provide you with a digital proof showing how your logo will be applied to your product(s), including decoration options (e.g. laser etching, screen print, embroidery, etc.). Once you approve the proof, your Account Manager will submit the order for production. They will then efficiently manage the process from start to finish to ensure everything goes smoothly, and that your order is created as it appears in the proof and is shipped on time.

Can I approve a proof before my order goes into production?

Yes, with decorated orders, you must approve each order with your Account Manager and approve the artwork proof before we submit it to production. This way, we ensure you get exactly what you want, and there aren’t any misunderstandings. On undecorated orders, your Account Manager will still confirm the other order details with you to ensure everyone is on the same page.

What if I am looking for a product that is not on your website?

Our selection of products and suppliers is constantly evolving and growing. We may be working on adding the very product you’re seeking at this very moment! We have many different kinds of gifts available in a wide range of options that may not be listed on our website. We also have a lot of products in our inventory, ready to be branded with your logo. Contact us, and we’ll find what you’re looking for!


When do I pay for my order?

All orders must be paid for in full upon order submission and before the order goes into production. This can be done via a credit card on our Shopify Plus eCommerce website, or by sending us a company check, or by issuing a wire transfer.

What forms of payments do you accept?

On our eCommerce website, we accept all major forms of credit cards. We also accept checks or wire transfers (for large orders above USD $10,000.00).

How can I pay for my order if it exceeds the credit card limit?

In this case, you are welcome to pay with a check or wire transfer.

When do you charge my credit card?

Your credit card is charged when the order is submitted by you on our Shopify Plus website.

Is my credit card information safe if I place an online order?

Clove & Twine utilizes SSL/TLS for end-to-end encryption on its Shopify Plus website. Shopify Plus is the world's leading eCommerce platform that safely conducts billions of dollars worth of transactions every month.


What do the terms “decoration” and “artwork” mean?

Decoration is the industry’s term for applying a logo to your product(s). Artwork is the logo that you upload, whether it be in AI, EPS or PDF format. While Clove & Twine serves corporate companies that generally want their product(s) decorated with a logo, there isn’t a requirement to decorate the products we sell. Ask your Account Manager what products can be sold without a logo decoration.

What type of logo file formats are best suited for decoration?

For best results, we request high-resolution logo files in Adobe Illustrator (.ai), EPS (.eps), or PDF (.pdf) format. To be high resolution, they should be at least 1MB in size (but not more than 10MB).

How do I find out more information about the decoration of products?

Your Account Manager will send you more information regarding the decoration capabilities of each product. They have a full understanding of what decoration works best on what items, and any potential restrictions or limitations.