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We're Here to Help

Fill out the form or call us at +1.720.710.0010. Please include as much information as possible for us to provide you the possible quote, including: quantity, required dates, etc.

Build a Custom Kit


By creating a kit you are not committing to an order

Details like clothing sizing, gender, etc., will be finalized after submission

There may be discounts available for larger orders

Free mockups will be provided for your products and packaging


Build Your custom gift box

Select from our curated products and packaging options


Put The Finishing Touches On

Together, we will finalize details like sizing, gender, bulk discounts, etc.


Mockups & Bespoke Design

Our design team will provide mockups and bring your vision to life


Complete your order

Tell us where to drop ship these gifts and we'll take care of the rest


What is the minimum order size?

Most items/kits have a minimum of 24 units. Many items have higher minimum order quantities. To see these, increase your quantity in the Kit Builder.

Are there more products available than what is shown?

While we have worked hard to curate this catalog, we have lots of additional products/brands that we can offer.

How do I provide gender/sizes/colors for apparel?

When building, just choose 1 size, gender, and color. We will finalize those details with you after you submit your kit.

Can you drop ship to multiple locations?

Absolutely. We will get your addresses from you after your order is placed. Alternatively, we can set up a form to collect your addresses for you.

Do you ship globally?

Yes, we have shipped to over half the countries in the world.

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