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RAINS has reimagined the classic rubber raincoat into a contemporary fashion line as an original outerwear and lifestyle brand. They blend a neo-Scandanavian aesthetic with signature fabrics made from innovative and sustainable materials. They have longevity built into their foundation and work to be ethically responsible throughout their supply chain.

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Fashionable Outerwear for a Better Future

RAINS has set their direction toward a sustainable future for people and the planet. They focus on environmental protection, innovation of the materials they use, the longevity of their products, and corporate responsibility, and they pledge to ensure safety across every aspect of their business.

Fabrics & Textiles

RAINS develops and manufactures modern and comfortable rainwear using a lightweight yet strong polyester fabric backed with a flexible, fluorinate-free polyurethane coating. The fabric is bonded together through ultrasonic welding, ensuring quality, waterproof products. All fittings, zippers, and trimmings are designed and produced in materials optimized for wet conditions. RAINS is working on using entirely recycled materials in their products.

Fabrics & Textiles
Fabrics & Textiles

Urban Design Meets Responsibility

None of the products RAINS creates contain hormone-disrupting, hazardous chemicals or animal products (their brand is 100% vegan).

Fashionable and Functional

RAINS does a beautiful job of merging high-end style and functionality with a thoughtful and sustainable business model. Rainwear never looked (or felt) so good.