LOCKTON: A Case Study in Online Corporate Gifting Platforms & Event Gifting

When Lockton Companies came to Clove & Twine for corporate gifts, they needed more than basic gifting services. They required a constantly evolving partnership that filled their unique requirements with new and innovative company gifts that excited their recipients. 

Lockton wanted to work with a gifting company that could not only give them the dedicated attention that they needed but one that would continue to adapt and grow their gifting to increase reach and engagement. 



Lockton Companies Inc. is the world's largest privately held insurance brokerage firm, providing insurance, risk management and people solutions. Lockton operates from 130+ locations and transacts business in 140+ countries around the globe.

Lockton's strong entrepreneurial culture brings something extraordinary to the insurance business. Their methods empower local partners with the focus and freedom to do what is right for each business and draw on global resources to deliver the best results.

Lockton puts employees first, and they have been awarded numerous accolades for their workplace culture. They were named one of America's Best Large Employers and one of the Best Employers for Diversity by Forbes in 2022. 


Lockton came to Clove & Twine needing a rebooted Company Store. Being the largest private insurance company in the world, they needed an online store that set them apart from other firms and reflected an elevated experience with their rebranding. 

Utilizing a company store in the past, Lockton understood the value of this branded gifting platform for their business. Unfortunately, their previous store was outdated and had a lot of old stock in inventory. After using our services for a few company gifts and being happy with the outcome, they decided to entrust our team with making their new store better than ever.

Lockton also wanted to create an in-person shopping experience for their branded company gifts. We worked with them to develop unique and memorable gifting events through expertly-managed custom pop-up shops. 

"Clove & Twine has been an outstanding partner for our company store transformation. They excel in the world of corporate gifting and bring fresh ideas to the table for on-brand swag that our people are excited to receive. The entire process has been smooth from selecting products, building a storefront, and reviewing analytics that make decision making and growth incredibly easy. We love working with Katelyn and the entire team, they are incredibly responsive, flexible, and they make gifting fun!" - Lisa McBride, CMP, AVP, Director, Meetings & Events for Lockton Companies



Because of their new branding, Lockton sought specific products to list on their store website that accurately showcased their values. We needed to develop a company store page that: 

  • Had a more comprehensive selection of elevated gifts

  • Had a unique collection of eco-friendly and sustainably responsible products

  • Ensured new brand consistency across the website

  • Allowed people to utilize a streamlined interface, giving them a simple ordering and shipping experience 

  • Empowered employees to use their best judgment for what gifts to select and send to their clients and partners

  • Supported employees in choosing gifts for themselves that suit their individual preferences 

  • Categorized products to create a more enjoyable online shopping experience

  • The ability to ship to multiple different locations, all over the world, with minimum return shipments

We also were tasked with creating a pop-up store experience that: 

  • Made event attendees excited about event gifts

  • Showcased a wide variety of offerings for all different tastes

  • Was well-organized and well-managed by our staff

  • Was visually appealing, with a natural flow for shoppers

  • Included seamless ordering and shipping process

  • Made attendees feel special and appreciated


Clove & Twine met and exceeded expectations through a collaborative and ongoing partnership with Lockton Companies. Our team successfully developed:

  • A fresh and current platform that Lockton’s employees are excited about

  • A custom-curated collection of bespoke products, easily able to suit many different tastes

  • A stock of high-quality branded items with a focus on sustainability

  • A streamlined method for fulfilling shipments 

  • A reliable ongoing method to execute corporate gifts for employees and colleagues

  • A memorable and exciting pop-up shop experience 


Since we offer product curation unlike any other, we provided Lockton with the latest & greatest trending brands to keep their store refreshed and exciting for their team, clients, and partners. 

“Thank you Katelyn [at Clove & Twine] for always going above and beyond to help fill crazy requests! Your flexibility and willingness to always help me is remarkable! Not to mention the products you recommend are always the best! You make my job so much easier, we are so lucky to work with you!" - Google Review from Ashlynn, HR Representative at Lockton


Lockton was thrilled with the success of the launch of their new & improved company store. The outcome of this project included:

  • The ability to handle and execute a high capacity of orders with unique requirements

  • Providing employees and clients with high-quality, thoughtful, and eco-friendly branded gifts that they will use repeatedly

  • Excellent customer service

  • Safe data collection of employee & client shipping information

  • A sleek, valuable user experience

“It has been a great partnership, and Katelyn, Carly, Grace, and the whole C&T team have been nice to work with.” - LinkedIn comment from Elizabeth, Head of Marketing, North America, Lockton Re

After analyzing the results of their company store and pop-up shops, we found significant results:

  • Pop-up events resulted in large spikes in company store sales. When people can see and touch products in person, their desirability increases.

  • We found a 226% increase in sales from the previous year. As company store awareness/advertising increases, the store's success saw a rapid increase in sales and orders. Within the first several months, evidence of solid growth is apparent.

  • We found a 163% increase in orders from the previous year.

  • We saw a 22% increase in average order value. Brand loyalty increases as clients have had time to use their first round of products. More people became willing to spend more on higher-quality gifts.


The custom pop-up shops have been an ongoing addition to Lockton events, and the feedback from attendees has been overwhelmingly positive. We continue to provide our event experts to support their onsite gifting needs. The Clove & Twine team has helped them host seven pop-up gifting events as of April 2023. 

Lockton wanted an expertly curated company gift selection for their employees and partners and an up-to-date, curated inventory that reflected their brand and positive workplace culture. Clove & Twine is at the forefront of high-quality, sustainable, and innovative corporate gifts, which is why our partnership has been such a natural fit. 

“Shoutout to Katelyn [at Clove & Twine] for being the best account exec in the game!” LinkedIn comment from Erin, Senior Talent Marketing Specialist at Lockton

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