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Custom Matador

Put yourself out there. The Matador story unfolds.

Matador was born in San Francisco when the creators saw people sitting outside on their coats or lugging bulky blankets across town to the parks and beaches. They knew there had to be a better solution, and that's when the Matador Pocket Blanket was born.

What started as an unfolding pocket-sized blanket became a passion for designing and developing packable adventure gear. Matador’s mission is to make your travels and adventures more convenient through high quality packable gear. Putting your company logo on Matador products will elevate your corporate gifting, and be sure to leave a lasting impression.

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Focusing on the Future

Focusing on the Future

Matador uses their strengths in consumer research, design, and cutting-edge material technology to make the best packable gear on the planet. They are committed to bringing you quality, sustainable products that don’t weigh you or your conscience down. They believe your adventure gear should be not only light on you, but light on the world too.

With Innovative Materials

Matador gear is designed to perform in any condition. Each detail is carefully considered and evaluated by master designers and materials experts. They aim to create more efficient and effective ways to pack and travel by constantly testing industry standards and using cutting-edge materials.

With Innovative Materials
With Innovative Materials
With Innovative Materials

Ever-Expanding Product Line

Matador is working hard at expanding their product offerings while staying true to their packable adventure gear roots. You can find their products in over 2,000 stores worldwide and on the web.

Packable Products Made in the USA

Matador develops the innovative gear that their customers expect. Their sustainable products are designed and engineered at their headquarters in Boulder, Colorado.