How It Works



Sign up for Clove & Coins to start earning! There are multiple ways to get coins, like through referrals, dollars spent, and following us on social.



The more coins you earn, the bigger the gift - or split rewards between colleagues. Select gifts from our curated collection that fall within your coin tier.



We'll ship your gift directly to you, and unused coins will carry over so you can keep earning. We hope this makes your workday a little more fun.

Clove & Coins


We love giving gifts to the people we care about and appreciate. That’s why we created the Clove & Coins loyalty program - to give back to those that are so amazing to our company and us!

At Clove & Twine, we believe in the power of community. Reviews, referrals, likes, shares - these small actions are powerful, and they mean the world to us. This is our way of sending thanks right back to the people that make our business everything that it is today.


How can I earn coins?

There are several ways to earn! You can earn coins through something as simple as following us on social media or through referrals. The amount of action you take determines the number of coins you receive. Here is the full breakdown of how to earn coins:

  • Place an order with us (1 coin for every $1 spent)
  • Sign up for our marketing emails (500 coins)
  • Follow us on Instagram (500 coins)
  • Tag us in a post or story on Instagram (500 coins)
  • Share our profile or one of our posts on LinkedIn (500 coins)
  • Like us on Facebook (500 coins)
  • Refer us to a colleague or other company (25,000 coins) + the referred person gets a special gift from us!*

*Referral coins or gifts will be given to each party when the referred person makes a purchase through our website.

Can I use my Clove & Coins with other discounts?

No. Coins cannot be combined with any other specials or discounts. Coins are only redeemable for designated items, as listed on

How do I redeem my coins?

It’s easy peasy! Simply log in to your Clove & Coins account through the window in the bottom left corner of our homepage. When you are logged in, click “Redeem” and choose any item you’d like that falls within your specified tier. auto-populates a unique coupon code to use when you add a gift to your cart through the pop-up window. When you go to your shopping cart on our website, simply paste that coupon code so that your item is free to redeem (taxes & shipping costs are covered by us). You will also receive an email from that includes your coupon code. In that email you can click "Use your reward" and it will take you to our homepage with a pop-up window in the bottom left corner that will walk you through the process.

You will be directed to enter your shipping details, and we will send tracking information to the email address you provide once an item has been shipped.

Can I get coins back if the item I choose is lower than the amount of coins I have?

Any unused coins will save and roll over so that you can continue accumulating more. Unspent coins will expire at the end of a 365 day period (from when sign-up for Clove & Coins occurred) will be re-set to 0 at that time.

I have two Clove & Coins accounts set up through my company. Can I merge them into one?

Yes, you certainly can! Send us an email at, and we will handle the rest.

I have other colleagues on my team that I’d like to share my Clove & Coins rewards with! Can I split coins into smaller portions, and make smaller orders to share the love?

Absolutely. Just redeem your coins as you would by using cash - you can order multiple smaller items or a single large item. It’s up to you! Keep in mind that all redemptions made through one account will need to ship to the same address.

How long will it take to receive my coins?

It may take up to 7 days for eligible purchases or actions to post to your account, and it could take 24 hours for you to be able to redeem coins once rewarded.

How can I check my coin balance?

You can check your earnings of Clove & Coins by going to the homepage and clicking the gift icon in the bottom left corner. Once you’re logged in you’ll be able to see your balance immediately.

Do my coins expire?

Yes. Any unused coins will expire at the end of a 365 day period (from when sign-up for Clove & Coins occurred). You will start with a balance of 0 coins at that time.


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