The Top 11 Client Gift Ideas for 2023

Finding the perfect corporate gifts for your clients doesn’t have to be a challenging task. We have corporate gift ideas that will help you reconnect with past clients, show appreciation for current clients, and strengthen relationships with all clients.

Our team has curated a selection of new client gift ideas to kick off your 2023 corporate gifting season.

Top 11 Client Gift Ideas for 2023


Elevated gifts for clients

The ultimate celebration of your relationships with your clients is COUP - an inspired and unique corporate gift. A bottle of craft Champagne and a modern custom message is housed within the ultimate storage and travel case. The minimalist design is sleek and sure to “wow” your recipients. Want to go the extra mile? Get the case that includes Champagne flutes and a metal saber


COUP is the perfect client gift to make a lasting impression. Elevate your corporate gifting to elite status.


Beautiful, functional client gifts

Fellow’s brewing tools are beautifully functional, making them excellent client gifts that will be displayed proudly and used repeatedly. Powerfully precise and delightfully intuitive, their award-winning gear is used by industry professionals and home baristas alike. From perfectly balanced kettles to sleek insulated mugs, their designs make classic keepsakes that your clients will use and love for years to come. Give functional, well-designed client gifts that reflect your company’s values.

Client Gifts for 2023 Rumpl Blankets

Client gifts for outdoor lovers

Looking for a client gift that your recipients can use throughout every facet of their lives? The Original Puffy outdoor blanket is a packable, portable blanket that goes everywhere they do. With a ripstop shell and insulation made from 100% recycled materials, it's warmer and more durable than ever. Clients can take this gift to the park, on camping adventures, on a beach vacation, and everywhere in between.

The RUMPL blanket is a client gift idea that is unique, customizable, and easy for recipients to use in everyday life.


Client gifts for supporting wellness

A brand new unique corporate gift idea is Bala Bangles. These versatile and stylish accessories add a constant but comfortable resistance to workouts, making them a fun client gift for enhancing all of their daily activities. Use KitBuilder to create a client wellness box, and Bala will be an excellent addition.


Ember Mugs
Gifts for clients that have everything

Designed for home or office, the new Ember Mug² is a trending client gift that does much more than simply keep your recipient's coffee hot. The smart mug allows them to set an exact drinking temperature so their coffee is never too hot, or too cold. Brand these mugs with your company logo, and your clients will remember your values while sipping their morning cup of joe.


Therabody Theraguns
Client gifts for enhanced performance

Therabody’s mission is to provide effective, natural solutions to help people take charge of their daily wellness. Our team noticed Theraguns were very popular in 2022, which means these are quickly becoming the industry's most highly desired corporate gifts. Any of their products make great high-quality client gifts.


Sustainable client gifts

Corkcicle continues to push the boundaries of stylish beverage containers. Corkcicle drinkware keeps drinks ice cold for up to 25 hours or hot for up to 12 without freezing or sweating. Complete with your company logo, custom Corkcicle products make great client gifts. Even better? Corkcicle also donates a portion of their profits to charity: water, a non-profit that brings clean water to people in need.


MagCube Power Bank
The best tech gift for clients

The next generation of power banks, the MagCube will super-charge your recipient’s devices. This gift has a built-in display stand and magnetic snap-on technology and can easily be branded with your company logo. This client gift is a crowd favorite that your recipients will use frequently and repeatedly.


Nomad Tech Travel Bag
The client gift for frequent travelers

Another trending corporate gift in 2022, this tech bag is an essential gift for your clients. They keep all their tech gear in one easy-to-organize bag for wherever work or life takes them!


Concrete candle
A client gift to support relaxation

These concrete candles have a gentle, natural fragrance that won’t overwhelm your recipients. Your clients will love these candles' simple, modern design and relaxation-promoting aromatics. Add them to a client thank you gift box or send them as standalone gifts.


Custom Yoga Mat
Unique client gifts 

The ultimate on-the-go yoga companion, these state-of-the-art yoga mats are designed to reduce slipping, so recipients don’t need a mat and towel for their daily practice. Your active clients will love this unique corporate gift.


When choosing client gifts, it is important to select a corporate gift that is both thoughtful and appropriate. Consider your client's interests, personal preferences, and style. Consider how practical the gifts are, as practicality often translates to usability - making client gifts more likely to be kept and cherished.

With the right thoughtful client gift you can show your appreciation and increase client loyalty. Ready to get your sustainable client gift order started? Connect with our corporate gifting experts.

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