11 Corporate Gifting Trends for 2023

Many changes came with 2022, especially in the corporate gifting world. Now that we’re living in a new normal post-pandemic, company gifts and company swag trends are beginning to shift towards a surprising future. 

Our team of gifting experts compiled a list of the top upcoming corporate gift trends on the horizon for 2023. 

11 Corporate Gifting & Company Swag Trends to Expect in 2023


Corporate Gifting Trend #1: Intentional & Thoughtful over Cheap & Commonplace

The consensus is that in 2023, corporate swag will become less about cheap hand-outs and instead be replaced by quality corporate gifts that are intentional and thoughtful. Shep Hyken, a national keynote speaker said: “It is rare in our very fast-paced and digital world to see people pay attention to details, such as by sending a handwritten note or a personalized gift; instead, many things are taken for granted.” 

Think personalized company gifts, custom gift boxes, and handwritten thank-you notes. The future of gifting is slowing down and giving more intentionally.


Corporate Gifting Trend #2: Non-Alcoholic Drinks & Mocktail Kits

There’s a new trend towards a more sober-curious lifestyle, and since N/A drinks are easier to ship, they’re easy to add to company gift boxes as part of a mocktail kit (or as standalone items). More bars and restaurants are offering mocktails or alcohol alternatives, and many predictions post-pandemic are seeing this trend increasing. According to Forbes, in 2022, the sales of no- and low-alcohol beverages grew more than 7% across ten key global markets. The market was at about $8 billion worldwide in 2018, and by the end of 2022, that number surpassed $11 billion in market value, according to IWSR Drinks Market Analysis.


Corporate Gifting Trend #3: Sustainable Swag & Eco-Friendly Company Gifts

A 2019 Global Ad Impressions study found that 46% of people have a more favorable opinion of a company if the branded corporate gift they receive is environmentally friendly. Their updated 2022 study (a global survey conducted of over 39K individuals) found that 45% of suppliers said that their clients asked for more environmentally-friendly and socially responsible products in 2021.

Keep in mind, sustainability is not synonymous with greenwashing, and it’s important to know the difference. Research shows that these claims matter to those receiving gifts. The future trend of company gifting and branded swag is moving toward genuine sustainability. 


Corporate Gifting Trend #4: Responsibility & Value-Matching

Gen Z-ers are passionate about political issues and want to work for companies (and buy products from companies) whose values align with theirs. In the corporate gifting space, this translates to giving gifts with a clear message & value statement and supporting BIOPC companies, women-owned companies, and LGBTQIA+ initiatives in ways that align with your business. 

When choosing company gifts, work with our gifting experts to find products from suppliers whose values are aligned with yours - and your recipients. 


Corporate Gifting Trend #5: Throwback & “Nostalgia” Gifts 

A new & emerging trend in company swag is “nostalgia.” Millennials are reaching the age when comfort comes from seeing their childhood memories resurface, and Gen Z-ers love the throwback style and trend.

Think about how your company gifts or corporate gift boxes can encompass the feeling of simpler times. The next couple of years will be all about reflecting with nostalgia. 


Corporate Gifting Trend #6: Colorful Gifts

Suppliers are beginning to develop products in broader swaths of color, making the more muted less desirable and a palette of color pops more on-trend. However, a word of caution when working with color - the trend doesn’t point towards clown-like primaries. Think creative pops of secondary colors or even throwback neons. 


Corporate Gifting Trend #7: Experience Gifts

2023 is seeing evidence that points towards the desire for memorable experiences over just simply gifts. This includes offerings such as onsite event gifting and gifts that encourage relaxation and travel. Leisure gifts are also on-trend, as these corporate gifts support employees and clients going out and experiencing life. Think about giving gifts such as cameras, outdoor gear, hammocks, speakers, or dopp kits.

Think of an “experience gift” as a company gift that supports recipients in either going home with new memories or creating their own memories with the gifts you give them.


Corporate Gifting Trend #8: Work-From-Anywhere Gifts

The higher trend of travel and post-pandemic-lockdown-life means remote workers are increasing their movement to other locations, whether for a week or a year. More mobility means more employees and clients find value in gifts such as high-quality backpacks, power banks, and journals. 

Now that more people are working from places outside of the office, company gifts that support travel and remote work are becoming more desired than ever.


Corporate Gifting Trend #9: Gifts from New & Emerging Brands

Now more than ever, people want gifts from new, up-and-coming brands designing innovative items that are sustainable, creative, and unique. Recipients don’t want the same old cookie-cutter corporate swag done repeatedly for the past 40 years. They seek out burgeoning brands and are excited about high-tech innovation. 

Find company gifts that break the mold, and your recipients will treasure them forever. 


Corporate Gifting Trend #10: Company Gifts that Support Wellness

Along with the sobriety trend, the 2023 post-pandemic future is causing people to lean towards finding more balance throughout their lives. Whether through better work/life balance, more exercise, or taking care of mental health, people want gifts that support a healthier way of life.

Corporate gifts that support meditation, fitness goals, work-from-home, and comfortable apparel that can easily transition throughout all aspects of life are all in high demand.


Corporate Gifting Trend #11: Company Gifts as Relationship-Building & Team-Building Tools

The future points towards using swag and company gifts to build deeper connections between colleagues, clients, and employees. You can utilize corporate gifts to connect remote and in-office workers, reinforce client relationships, and support a healthy company culture through gifts that bond teammates. 

Trends are pointing towards the desire for higher-quality swag gifts that support a culture of company and community but also make less of an impact on the planet. 


Need advice on where to start on your company swag journey? Connect with one of our gifting experts through our contact page or browse our Buying Guide.

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