New Offering: Custom Branded Outerwear with Clove & Twine

Do any of these situations sound familiar? 

  • You want to give outerwear as a company gift, but you don’t want something that looks like everything else out there. 

  • You are planning a special event and want to give attendees a memorable gifting experience.

  • You want to give your team a unique branded gift that is extra special. 

We have a new solution:
Fully customizable high-quality outerwear, designed by you or your recipients.


With this offering, you can design high-quality custom outerwear in any way you like for your company gifts. Mix and match the colors for sleeves, panels, and zippers - add your logo, remove the hood, or even add pockets - the possibilities are endless!

We provide the components of each sustainable outerwear piece; then you customize everything to fit your unique needs for corporate gifts. 

We have a wide selection of colors to choose from to accurately showcase your brand through your outerwear. A few customization options available: 

  • Add a hood

  • Increase down-fill

  • Add pockets

  • Add heat-press logo

  • Custom color panels 

This service allows you to create each outerwear piece in your vision with a set selection of colors or features for your recipients. Alternatively, you can give event guests the option to create their own custom outerwear through a Design Lab experience. 


The Design Lab experience gives your event attendees the chance to easily click-and-customize their outerwear gifts using our design software on an iPad or tablet. Afterward, we’ll drop-ship their creations after the event ends or ship directly to your headquarters.

The Design Lab is a unique gift-building adventure we can provide along with our on-site gifting opportunity. Contact us to learn more. 

Let your brand be the star of your company gifts with fully custom outerwear that your recipients will love. 


Your company & your vision as high-quality apparel

Our partner manufactures your outerwear with 25+ years of experience creating apparel for some of the most well-known brands around. They intentionally make products that stand the test of time with a streamlined, user-friendly customization platform.

Ethical and environmental responsibility are built right in

The company we partner with builds your outerwear with the most environmentally-sound materials. They also are committed to ensuring the highest level of safe, respectful, ethical practices for their employees. We intentionally chose to work with this reputable partner to help you build and customize corporate gifts that you can genuinely feel good about giving. 

Begin your adventure in creating your own custom, sustainable outerwear today.


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