Eco-Friendly Corporate Swag for Your Next Event

Event attendees always enjoy a good swag bag. (They always used to, anyway.)

The excitement of a free gift quickly fades when attendees open their goody bag and find that it’s filled with… well, junk. One of our colleagues came back from an event recently with a cheap grocery bag filled with: 

  • A standard plastic pen

  • A stack of random business cards and flyers

  • A novelty paracord

  • A branded keychain with a rubber charm

  • A stick of generic lip balm

  • A mini bottle of hand sanitizer

Is this the best we can do? 

Many events are huge, and only a small portion of that budget is set aside for a high volume of “swag” bags. (As we have mentioned before, we really don’t like the word swag for several reasons.) However, there are better ways to do event gifts.

The pandemic has changed our lives dramatically, and in-person events are expected to only gain momentum in the coming months. Post-pandemic, we are beginning to fully understand the impact of our actions. We are assessing how we did things before, how those processes and systems can be improved, and how we can make changes to make life better now and in the future.

The truth is, many people would rather not even get cheap swag at an event. This is a conundrum, however - how do you make the event memorable? How do you mark the event's occurrence with attendees in a way that lasts? How do you make better choices for the branded gifts you do give?

How to Give Better Gifts for Corporate Events

  • Choose QUALITY over quantity.
    Does every attendee need a goody bag, or can you get fewer high-quality gifts for the people you really want to make an impression on? Casting a wide net is one tactic, but if you put your company’s logo on an item, choose items that represent your brand effectively and align your logo with quality. 

  • Remember your impact on the planet.
    A 2019 Ad Impressions study found that 23% of corporate gifts are tossed in the trash. This study also revealed that 46% of recipients have a more favorable opinion of a company if the gift they receive is environmentally friendly. Not only does the product reflect well on your recipients, but also your company’s values. 

  • Contemplate the recipient’s needs.
    In the same Ad Impressions study, 55% of branded gifts were given away or donated. Sure, that still gives your brand exposure. But your brand in front of the right people with a more intentional message (especially one that communicates value) is much more impactful. 

The bottom line is this: choose better event gifts, and you have more opportunities to make a better, longer-lasting impression.

Unique Gifts for Corporate Events

Prodir Pens - DS8

Earthwell Early Riser Tumbler

Rustek Merino & Cork Beanie

Karst Stone Paper Pocket Journal

Party Cup

Matador Travel Earplugs Kit

Sukk Extendable Stainless Steel Straw

Allmade Unisex Tri-Blend Crewneck T-Shirt

Custom Hive 2 Home Candles

Porter Utensil Set

Custom Wood Stickers

Matador Droplet Stuff Sack

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