How to Build Great Corporate Gift Boxes

Pop quiz: What does a 56-year-old man in marketing with three kids that lives in the suburbs have in common with a 29-year-old woman sales executive that lives in a busy city?

Answer: They will both receive a company holiday gift from you.

Does finding a gift that they will both love seem daunting? It doesn't have to be.


Custom gift boxes are fantastic for this reason. Not only are they a fun way to showcase your brand with packaging customization, but you can curate gift boxes with an array of remarkable goods that will excite all of your recipients. 

Who doesn’t enjoy getting a whole box filled with goodies? 

One thoughtful gift is terrific. A box filled with multiple gifts takes your intention (thanks, appreciation, celebration, or anything in between) to the next level.


How do you build corporate gift boxes that will make all of your recipients happy? 

Selecting thoughtful products is the first step to ensuring your recipients will love their custom gift box. Here are a few helpful questions to ask yourself while you’re selecting items for your holiday gift boxes:

  • How would I feel if I received this gift item? 

  • How do I want my recipient to feel when they receive this gift? 

  • Is it essential that these items are decorated with my company logo, or will they be more valued without branding? 

  • Are these gifts appropriate for the occasion? 

  • Do these gifts reflect our company’s values and culture? 

  • Do these gifts effectively communicate how I feel about my recipients and how I value them? 

Next, consider your gift packaging to really turn up that WOW factor. The box and packaging can be simple and sleek or as remarkable as the gifts themselves. Watch the video below for a custom gift box we developed for TPH by Taraji

Customization options are endless, so let your imagination run wild! From elegant craft cardboard boxes to laser engraved wooden slide boxes with leather attachments, all can be decorated with your company logo and color scheme. 

Pro tip: Ask us about printing a special message inside the box.


Regarding packaging materials - choose from wood excelsior, paper shred, or tissue paper packing materials to make kit items a little more special (and safe). We can even include a thoughtful branded card or handwritten note in your custom kits.

There are things that people want and things that people need. These gifts are both.

Excellent gifts ignite joy and happiness in the recipient. They are long-lasting items that people will love, cherish, and use over and over again.

Our team of gifting experts know how to turn a gifting conundrum into a memorable success. Get started building your custom gift boxes with KitBuilder.

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