Quality vs Quantity: Why to Choose Remarkable Over Cheap Corporate Gifts

We have all been given a gift with a company logo on it. Whether receiving a corporate gift at a trade show or conference, or getting an appreciation gift from an employer, think about the last branded gift you received and ask yourself these questions:

  • Did you feel special when you received the gift?

  • Do you still have the gift, and know where you keep it?

  • Do you still use the gift, and if so, use it regularly?

  • Did the gift make you think positively about the company or negatively - or did you remember the company at all?

  • Did you think to yourself, “great, another [enter tchotchke name here]” and either throw it away, or give it to someone else?

Our lives are filled with too many things we don’t need or use.

There is a reason why minimalism and Marie Kondo have become so popular lately. It is because people are tired of having their homes, and their lives filled with stuff that adds very little value. The stuff becomes stressful, something to clean and organize, something to move in order to get to the stuff we actually use.

Putting your valuable brand - the company name that you work so hard for everyday - on a cheap, crummy gift accomplishes very little. Cheap corporate gifts represent:

  • Wasted investment (to be neglected in the back of a drawer)

  • A contribution to waste (to be thrown away)

  • A negative (or forgotten) association with your brand

  • Numerous missed opportunities for other potential clients, partners, and investors to see your brand being showcased on a great product

In contrast, consider the gifts or items you use regularly and that add value to your life. They are probably high quality, built and constructed well (and if they are not, you wish they were so that they’d last forever), and are consistently reliable.

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”
- Benjamin Franklin

Quality gift

These kinds of valuable corporate gift items are what we exclusively choose to feature on Clove & Twine.

We understand the value that comes from a recipient loving and using a well-made gift that is branded beautifully with your company logo. We think that a remarkable, valuable corporate gift is one that the recipient would:

  • Reach for almost every day

  • Use and wear proudly

  • Use well into the future

  • Expect to wear out from frequency and longevity of use

  • Think adds style, ease, and/or comfort to their life

  • Talk about the company that gifted the item to them

Corporate gifts should be as remarkable as the company giving them. Making the choice, and the investment to give high-quality gifts shows recipients that your company cares about them. These gifts show true appreciation for the partnership (and friendship) you’ve built together, or your excitement about a connection that is just beginning to grow.

Choosing to give quality corporate gifts shows recipients that your company values quality and hard work, supports craftsmanship and sustainability, and is proud of what those things represent.

High-quality gifts

When others remark upon these gifts that are worn and used proudly, they can be considered remarkable. This is the foundation of Clove & Twine.

These remarkable gifts show your logo, and your company in a positive light. They make the recipient feel special and valued. These corporate gifts have a higher return on investment, as the recipient wears and uses them over and over again with your brand displayed proudly.

What does giving remarkable corporate gifts mean for your company?

  • Returning clients

  • New clients that are truly interested in working with your company

  • An association of value with your brand

  • Recognition and remembrance of your brand

  • A high and ongoing return on investment

Gift quality gifts rather than cheap ones. Make your hard-earned money go farther than ever before by adding value to the lives of those that receive your corporate gifts.

Don’t let your investment get lost with all the other stuff. Stand out, and reject the status quo.

Gift remarkably.

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