Be Like Bentley: How Hosting a Fundraiser Benefits Your Brand

Any professional in the know understands that investing in an outstanding event is an ideal way to build and strengthen your client base. But why should you choose to make that event, the one that everyone will be talking about for years to come, a fundraiser?

Deciding to host a fundraiser to support a non-profit organization creates numerous opportunities for your business, such as:

  1. Brand Awareness. Created through ‘hype factor’ prior to the event, it’s everything from putting your brand name on posters and flyers, creating buzz through friends and colleagues, and partnership with other companies promoting the event. That buzz just keeps building momentum throughout the event itself. Displaying your brand and the collaboration you’ve created with other companies helps attendees understand more about the source of your passion, your personality, and the drive that fuels your company’s desire to create change and growth. Ultimately, it shows business partners and new prospects who you are, how you work, and how big of a player you are in the industry. This leaves a powerful and positive impression on the attendee that they will surely remember.

  2. Business Development and Networking. Fundraisers are the perfect opportunity to put many different people, from all walks of life, together under the same roof (and possibly at the same table). Since fundraisers attract attendees from an array of different backgrounds and industries, it creates a wide range of discussion topics and plenty of unusual opportunities. All of this networking happens with the lighthearted joy that comes with being shown a good time, and supporting a good cause. There’s less pressure, and a more open circulation of conversation and connection. It’s a wonderful opportunity to follow-up with new prospects, but also create new ones.

  3. Non-Profit Philanthropy with Supporting the Community. Everyone loves a company that gives back to the greater good. It shows compassion, and the desire to bring people together and make the world a better place. It is the charisma that sets your brand apart, and makes it more accessible to the people you work towards reaching everyday. Especially when the non-profit is local, this type of community support builds recognition and loyalty that has even more potential to spread and grow.

  4. Branded Goods Opportunities. Any event should include a multitude of facets to showcase your logo and brand. Presenting gifts at a fundraiser shows you not only care about the non-profit you’re supporting, but also that you truly care and appreciate the attendees for being a part of the cause you value so much. Choosing gifts that are high-quality and memorable will be brought home, used and reused, and continue to be associated with a thoughtful brand and an exciting event.

A classic example of an organization that has encompassed all of this with plenty of style, is Bentley. This year, they’re hosting the Bentley Denver Charity Polo Series, benefitting the Temple Grandin Equine Center - a research and education center at Colorado State University bringing the healing power of animals to the residents of the City of Denver and surrounding communities. The event (which runs from June 9-11), is set up to be a thrilling fundraiser that will continue to solidify the Bentley name in the Denver community.

Clove & Twine was selected by Bentley to provide branded goods that will be used as gifts for event goers. With any great event, it’s an opportunity to create buzz, remarkability, and value associated with your company.

And that’s what we at C&T strive for, every day.

Gift Remarkably,


[Photo Credit: Scott James Photography]
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