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Top Corporate Gift Boxes for 2021

Corporate holiday gifts, done right.

Anyone can throw a bunch of random stuff into a gift box and send them out as holiday gifts. Anyone can also just send a bottle of wine with a card. Sure, those will work fine. But are those gifts truly memorable?

Well, how many corporate gifts have you received that you remember?
Follow-up question: how many of those gifts do you still continue to use and enjoy?

Building a thoughtful gift box takes time. We curated these kits with attention and care to make your life a little easier. We’re pretty good at gifts. We got you.

You can choose to brand these corporate holiday gifts if you want to or leave them just as they are. Either way, your recipients are sure to be delighted.

New Corporate Gift Boxes for 2021

Outdoorsy Deluxe Kit $295

Outdoorsy Deluxe Kit

Encourage your recipients to enjoy more of the great outdoors with this special deluxe kit. Whether they end up adventuring abroad or simply taking a relaxing staycation at home, this kit will be sure to bring more joy (and convenience) to any outdoor experience. It's basically sunshine in a box!

Homegrown Colorado Kit $169

Homegrown Colorado Kit

We love our fellow Colorado-based companies! We grow a lot more than those funny green plants out here in colorful Colorado (although we do love our broccoli). If you're looking to show recipients the best products from a range of local Colorado companies, this kit includes some truly incredible gifts. Not only is this homegrown kit outdoor-themed, but it's also a great representation of the land of mountains and sunshine.

Hygge Home Kit

Hygge Home Kit $215

Hygge (pronounced hyoo-guh): a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (a defining characteristic of Danish culture). Why is there no English equivalent of hygge? Well, until there is one, we created a kit that encompasses that feeling instead. Gift your recipients a box of cozy, comforting goodness that creates a complete atmosphere of joy and contentment. It's like a big warm Danish-style hug.

Taste of Colorado Kit

Taste of Colorado Kit $92

When I-70 is closed and you can’t get lost in the trees, cheers to the essence of Colorado! We’ve captured a warm meadow of wildflowers in a glass with the Taste of Colorado kit. Within a Denver city map rocks glass, flavor your beverage of choice with locally made bitters. Perfect for welcoming new friends to our beautiful state.

The French Way Coffee Kit

The French Way Coffee Kit $165

This kit is the perfect gift for slowing down and supporting a more "French Way" of life! Whether a true coffee connoisseur or just a lover of wake-up juice, this kit will show your recipients that you want them to enjoy the finer things in life - and savor them.

Happy Moments Kit

Happy Moments Kit $90

Sometimes it’s not about the gift - it’s about the special moments that are worth celebrating with friends! This Happy Moments kit is perfect for really telling someone you are excited, proud, ecstatic, or thankful to celebrate them and their accomplishments. Meeting new goals, ringing in a new year, paving new paths - it’s all worthy of a toast. Send a truly unique experience that will never lose its spark. Cheers!

1% For the Planet Kit

1% For the Planet Kit $190

If there were a theme for the 21st century, it would be "sustainability". We handpicked the items for this kit with Mother Earth in mind since each company included is devoted to developing sustainable products and practices. Not only do all of the companies that made the items in this kit donate 1% of their proceeds to environmental nonprofits, but they also use eco-conscious materials and support recipients in making less waste with reusable, long-lasting gifts. Share your value of sustainability and give a gift that gives back!

Charcuterie Kit

Charcuterie Kit $170

A gift for the fancy snackers, this curated kit has it all: a delectable spread of munchable goodies and creative ways to eat (and present) them. There are selections to satiate lovers of sweet and savory flavors and even a handy book for inspiration. Snackers rejoice!

Looking for a different curated kit? Get started here!You can also use our KitBuilder platform if you want to build entirely customized gift boxes.

There’s still time to take advantage of our Early Bird promo! Simply place your gift order before Friday, September 24th, 2021, and enjoy a special discount of 10% - 15% off.* It literally pays to get on top of your holiday gifts early this year.

*Limited time offer: 10% - 15% off (discount amount to be determined by your account manager and dependent on order specifications). To qualify, buyers must submit and pay for the order in full by 9/24/2021, and the order must be in excess of $5,000. Discount cannot be used in combination with any other promo offer.

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