Why You Should Start Corporate Holiday Planning NOW

Have you started thinking about your company’s holiday plans yet?

Well, now is the time! Folks often make the mistake of pushing off holiday planning until later in the year, then make a mad scramble to get everything lined up. They wait until the last minute to try and book a venue for the holiday party, get gifts picked out and ordered - not to mention all of the usual end-of-year work that needs to be completed. Oh, and don’t forget your folks are coming into town on top of everything.

It’s never too early to start getting your corporate holiday gifts going. Here are a few reasons why it is especially crucial this year to begin making your company’s holiday plans now.

Top 5 reasons why to start making company holiday plans now

  1. Make sure you get exactly what you want.

    Variety tends to dwindle for most gift companies during the busy holiday season. If waiting until the last minute, many companies will be out of colors, sizes, customization options, or quantities you’re seeking. Aside from gifts, consider how the pandemic has affected staffing at restaurants and for event services. If it was difficult making sure you booked a great place for your event in the past, it might be extra challenging this year. Get your gift order, event location, caterers, and any other bookings completed early so that you can make sure you’re getting precisely what you want to make the holidays extra special. Here is where you can find the best new corporate holiday gifts.

  2. Reduce stress during the holidays.

    Last-minute planning in any capacity is incredibly stressful. You have enough to worry about during the last quarter of the business year, especially since work is now ramping up with the U.S.’s economic recovery. Wouldn’t it be nice actually to relax during your holiday break? Start early, and you definitely can.

  3. Avoid any supply chain delays or inventory issues related to the pandemic.

    Not only does gift variety plummet during the holiday season, but so does inventory. We have already noticed a significant drop in merchandise stock from the suppliers that we work with due to issues occurring early on in the supply chain (one of the reasons why the price of used cars skyrocketed this year). Get going on orders now, and avoid many shortages on inventory.

  4. Enjoy some savings.

    Many companies offer discounts for placing gift or gift box orders early (including us), and you’ll save the hassle of expedited shipping or rush fees associated with the busy holiday season. You won’t only save on money either! We know your time is limited, so starting now will save you a lot of valuable time in the future.

  5. You will ensure recipients have a positive experience.

    When you lock in that fantastic venue early, you’re set up ahead of time for a great holiday party. When you have gifts picked out and orders set up, you ensure that recipients are getting unique corporate gifts that are truly remarkable. When we have your gift orders placed, we can arrange shipping early to ensure you have the best chance of your recipients getting their gifts on schedule.

The bottom line is this: planning well ensures an excellent experience for everyone involved in your company’s corporate holiday season (including yourself). No matter where you are in your company’s holiday plans or corporate gift planning, we are here to help. We developed the KitBuilder platform to help you quickly select precisely what you need for building unique corporate gift boxes.

Not sure where to begin? Shoot us an email at hello@cloveandtwine.com to set up a free consultation, and we’ll walk you through our gifting process. We like chatting!

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