How to Design a Welcome Kit for New Employees

Did you have a memorable ‘first day’ at your job? Chances are, the reason that first day was memorable was because it was either a very positive (welcoming), or a very negative (alienating) experience.

There are a few very good reasons why it is important to provide a warm and welcoming environment to employees on their first day, such as:

  • Reduced turnover. Employees that feel appreciated will be less likely to quit early on.

  • Faster results. The quicker a new hire feels comfortable and adjusted, the quicker they’ll start producing good quality work.

  • Building office atmosphere. The faster an employee understands the work culture and gets acclimated, the easier it will be for them to see if they’re the right fit in the position, and with your company.

Some choose to take a new employee out to lunch or show them a corporate video, but we prefer the personal touch of an employee welcome kit.

What is an Employee Welcome Kit?

A good employee welcome kit differs depending on what you’re trying to achieve. Some see it as an opportunity to get their ducks in a row with paperwork and company resources, and others see it as a way to start a new and hopefully long-term relationship.

Although a standard welcome kit (which may include such things as a formal welcome letter, company flyer, branded tchotchke, events calendar) can be helpful, we support the idea of using a welcome kit to introduce your company and welcome your employee in a new and innovative way.

What should I include in my Employee Welcome Kit?

The welcome kit is your first chance to make a great impression on your new hire. It is important to consider a few things before deciding how to create your Employee Welcome Kit:

  • How do I want my company / brand to be represented?

  • Is there any specific message I want to convey?

  • Are there any tools or products that might be helpful to the employee’s new role?

  • How can I communicate my company values to a new employee?

  • What is a good way to make someone feel excited and welcomed into our work community?

  • What kind of budget am I working with?

  • Should the products included be very professional, or a little more fun?

Once you have answers to these questions, you can start working with a supplier to put together your welcome kit. We would be more than happy to help you set up and customize your employee welcome gifts!

What are some examples of great Employee Welcome Kits?

Aktana Kit

The kit above, which we created for Aktana, is full of helpful gifts. High-quality headphones, a leather-bound journal, and a vaccuum-insulated S'well bottle are not only useful but also beautifully branded. Aktana also understood that presentation is also part of the fun, with their decision to nestle these gifts in a sleek wooden gift box.

Carrier Johnson + CULTURE

Carrier Johnson + CULTURE took a slightly different approach, including a power bank and hat, along with other helpful tools for new architects and employees joining their team. They chose a simple but branded presentation to let the gifts speak for themselves.

Whatever you choose to include in your welcome kit, don’t throw away company money on cheap, useless tchotchkes that employees will toss after day one. Your brand should be represented with quality and class, and displayed proudly on products that employees will enjoy to use and cherish for years. 

Let your welcome kit make a great first impression by creating a truly positive and welcoming experience for employees on their first day.

Head over to our kits page to see the customization options we have to offer for branded corporate gifts.

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