Why Remarkable?

So you've checked out our website and keep hearing remarkable this, and remarkable that... What's with all this remarkable stuff anyway?

This word can get thrown around a bit, so let’s begin with a breakdown:

REMARKABLE: An adjective meaning worthy of attention; striking.

How about some synonyms to drive it home?


Needless to say, the word remarkable is important to us. It’s precisely the way someone should feel when they receive a gift from their wealth manager, realtor, partner, or employer. And don't get me wrong. To C&T, remarkable doesn't equate to expensive. Think North Face, not an $1,100 Moncler jacket (even though they're crazy cool). 

Have you ever received a crummy jacket, coffee tumbler, or writing journal and thought, “Who can I hand this off to?” or “Well, this is going in the donation bin.”

If you felt that way, did you believe that your relationship to the gifter was truly valued?

It’s high time to disrupt the promotional products industry. A company should not feel the need to search for the cheapest corporate gift available. This mentality can be a waste of company money, and only adds more unusable products to the donation (or trash) bin.

How did this even start anyway?

After years of being on the receiving end of promotional products, I noticed that I had been wearing the same branded vest around the office for the past 6-years. I thought to myself: “This vest doesn’t even have my own company’s logo on it, so why do I keep wearing it all the time?” The reason of course, was because the product was remarkable, and branded responsibly. I enjoyed wearing the vest, and I was even unknowingly “advertising” for another company to everyone who saw me wearing it. Big points for the company that gave me that vest!

We are helping companies to ‘find the remarkable’.

In this blog series, focusing around the topic of ‘remarkability,’ I will examine why giving remarkable gifts means huge returns for corporations - and in turn, why giving crummy schwag can have adverse (and possibly hugely negative) consequences. We’ll examine various industries, recipient demographics, categories of gifting occasions, as well as the Return on Investment (ROI) and value of any given company’s brand.

The bottom line is that there is a new gifting option for corporate America. The "Remarkable Branded Goods" company: Clove & Twine.

Gift Responsibly,


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