What's Your Demo?

What is the main demographic you consider the most when corporate gifting?

Usually, the answer will be customers.

While paying special care to customers is obvious, it is not the only one that is vital to your company. Employees and partners are key constituents that deserve the same attention and care.

At Clove & Twine, we address these three demographics in our Buying Guide. We consider the needs and relationships that you are looking to tend, and provide thoughtfully curated gifts for each constituent.

Here is our take on the situation:

  1. Partners: Think about all of the companies that you partner with. How their relationship makes your company successful. They certainly deserve some lovin’! Think about the construction firm that helped bring your project to market, the mutual fund partners that provide valuable assets for your hedge fund, or the lead generation firm that brought in qualified leads that turned into sales. And of course outsourced partners (such as call centers, manufacturing, logistics, R&D, etc.) are vital components to your company’s success. Continuous investment in those partnerships are what help build valuable relationships, and future connections. This demographic is far too often overlooked, and should be treated to meaningful gifts that showcase the strength and longevity of your connection with each other.

  2. Employees: A great company is built upon great employees (including other stakeholders like advisors and board members). The most successful businesses are ones that truly care about the team that works tirelessly every day, and it shows with a low turnover rate and devoted team members. Give these people the gratification and rewards they deserve. Instead of a t-shirt or stress ball, make them feel appreciated with a genuine leather messenger bag made with luxurious full grain leather, a beautifully crafted hand-sewn journal, or a fine writing instrument. They will be proud to represent the company they have worked so hard for with these memorable keepsakes.

  3. Customers: We could never forget about the beloved customers (and prospects)! Without them, we wouldn’t have a business at all. Moreover, they have the freedom to share the positive or negative experiences that can make or break a company. These are the people that are constantly evaluating company practices and values, how clients are treated, and how your product or service will benefit them. There is no better way to make a first impression than with remarkable goods that say ‘we value our current/future relationship!’ The bottom line is this: a corporate gift should reflect the brand and caliber of the company that the customers are supporting. They are deciding to spend their money with your firm because they believe in what you do. Give them a quality ‘thank you’ that they will treasure.

Regardless of the demographic you’re trying to reach, consider the next corporate gift you provide the perfect opportunity to step up your game. And I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t recommend the Clove & Twine products as a key to your success.

Ever gifting responsibly,

David Hieb

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