Top 10 Reasons You Need an Online Company Store

It takes a lot of work to manage all of your corporate branded goods. All that work to find the right merchandise, track inventory, order from different vendors, and ship takes valuable time away from you and your staff.

This is where an online store comes in.

You know the comfort of that first hot cup of coffee in the morning? How about an ice cold craft beer at the end of a long and stressful week? An online store will give you the same kind of relaxation, but all throughout your work day.

What is a Company Store?

A Company Store is an online hub for any and all products that have been branded with your company logo. Building a Company Store allows you to provide one location for employees, partners, and clients to order everything they need to accurately represent your brand.

If that doesn’t sound great enough, we have found a way to make it even better.

The Clove & Twine Company Store is the one-stop solution for providing a remarkable shopping experience for employees, partners, and clients. We provide everything you need to fulfill orders of branded company goods with one easy-to-use platform, and apply the same stellar service to your order fulfillment as we do through our parent website.

responsive design

Just check out our responsive design.
We ensure that your online company store will not only look fantastic, but also easy to use no matter what device you’re operating. Because we understand the importance of staying up-to-date with the way people use technology in the 21st century.


One management platform? Could it be that simple?
Yes, it certainly can. Pictured to the left is a sampling of the information you can view through our platform. It encompasses all the data you need to make educated decisions about your store, and supplies everything we’re doing on our end through real-time graphic information. You know what you’re getting in a clear and concise format. Easy peasy. 


The top 10 reasons why you need an online company store by Clove & Twine:

  1. Minimize waste. You’ll have full control of inventory, and know when you’re running low on anything.

  2. Effortless access. You will be able to access the highest quality merchandise at a reasonable cost - utilizing economies of scale.

  3. Fulfillment services. We remove the need for you to store products or worry about managing shipments.

  4. The highest quality goods. We have relationships with the best in the industry, and provide you with products pre-approved by you that suit your brand.

  5. One hub for everything. Log in to one webpage for simple 24/7 access managed through one platform.

  6. The best support. Personalized customer support and store management.

  7. Valuable analytics. Our system administers reports to track sales and analyze supply and demand.

  8. Branded products made easy. We maximize efficiency with a simple ordering process, allowing you to brand all products from one location.

  9. Responsive design. Your online store will seamlessly transition from ordering on laptop, smartphone, or tablet device.

  10. More branded products purchased. We provide an effortless way for staff to order corporate gifts online for clients, events and tradeshows, or themselves.

We begin with a needs assessment, where we collaborate with you to outline and develop an online company store plan that fits your brand. No more cheesy websites or cheap swag, only the most high-quality and remarkable products and services!

Ready to get started on a gifting platform for your company? Drop us a line.


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