Fresh New Products to Make 2018 Remarkable

The flurry of holidays are over, the highly anticipated new year has arrived, and many of us are already asking: is summer here yet? We seem to always be preparing ourselves for the next best thing.

Lucky for you, we have the next best thing. Well things, really.

Our line of fresh and new products for 2018 are here, ready to be customized and gifted! We have hand-picked these remarkable gifts just for you, whether you need branded products for an executive partner, a valuable employee, or an important event.

Here are our new favorite corporate gifts for 2018:

The Troubadour Wood Headphones

You will never hear someone say, “yeah, I don’t really enjoy listening to music.” However, you frequently hear people say, “these headphones are junk.” When there are baskets of cheap earbuds at the counter of every store, we so rarely treat ourselves to a pair of truly high-quality headphones. The Troubadour Wood Headphones are easily portable, durable, can be used wired and wireless, and have the most amazing sound quality - you may be disappointed that you didn’t order a second pair for yourself.

Tactile Turn Titanium Bolt Action Pen

Make a tenuous Tuesday tantalizing with the tough yet trim Tactile Turn Titanium Pen. Too much? Nah. This pen is lightweight and fits comfortably in almost any size hand, making it a beautiful and classy gift for just about anyone. Because the interior has been carefully designed to be extra smooth it makes for more fluid and enjoyable writing. Signing documents and scribbling notes will become more satisfying than ever.

The North Face Corporate Gift Dry Vent Jacket

The North Face All-Weather DryVent Stretch Jacket

At Clove & Twine, we make it a point to provide you with gift options that will get a lot of use. This lightweight, waterproof, breathable jacket will ensure recipients stay protected while out in the elements. The stylish, sleek design make this jacket a branded gift that no one would want to leave home without.

S’well Bottle

Donate all your mediocre water bottles, and start new with the extraordinary S’well Bottle. Not only do these bottles keep hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold (with double-walled vacuum-insulated technology), but you can feel extra good about giving these whimsical and stylish drink containers that are available in a wide variety of colors. S’well has made it their mission to rid the world of single-use plastic water bottles, bring clean water to the poorest communities, and fund research to helping people live longer healthier lives. When people begin using this cleverly crafted bottle they will never want to go back to plastic again.

All of these products can be branded with your company logo, making for a truly unique and custom gift. At Clove & Twine, we make it our business to provide you with the high-quality items that showcase your brand and make your gifts stand out among all others.

Our newest line of amazing corporate gifts can be found right here.

Gift remarkably,

Clove & Twine

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