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Custom Peak Design

We are a design company— It’s in our name and in our blood.

Our products must be innovative, beautifully crafted, and quite literally the best in their category. This is a high bar, but it provides necessary challenge and appropriate limits. Pursuit of this high standard gives us pride, satisfaction, the exuberance of mental strain, and many sleepless nights.

Peak Design has been shaped by our desire to enjoy our own lives and to do good. We sincerely hope we encourage others to do the same. Lastly, we acknowledge that we have, and will always have, much to learn.

Looking to customize Peak Design? We seamlessly integrate your company logo into this bag, taking it from a creative workhorse to the perfect corporate gift. 

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Taking action

We believe strongly in protecting our natural world, and that the health of our planet and people must not be compromised for the growth of our business.

Peak Design is committed to becoming a responsible company - to abide by that which is socially just and environmentally sustainable. We acknowledge that, as a consumer product company, we harm our planet through our use of resources in manufacturing and the creation of waste and carbon. We’re working hard to minimize our impact and offset harm done.

1% for the planet

Every year we donate 1% of our top-line revenue to environmental non-profits. We consider this a self-imposed tax to help offset the waste we create.

Plus, we are developing, launching, and managing Give a Shot, a website for connecting photographers and videographers who want to donate their time and talent to help environmental nonprofits seeking visual content.

Give better gifts

The next time you say "thank you" to your hardworking staff, do it with beautiful, responsibly-made gear that lasts a lifetime. We're here to get all the details right. 

We are always interested in hearing how your group could benefit from customized Peak Design gear. Matching pantones, screenprinting, laser-cut patches, material sourcing: we can do it all.

View some of our past corporate projects below.

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