At Insight Global, everyone matters. That is why they reached out to Clove & Twine in 2018 - to make sure that their employees and partners understood how uniquely valuable each person is to their business, and that their hard work and contribution to the company is important and appreciated.

We partnered with Insight Global to build an entire online company store, where their employees could choose their own high-quality branded appreciation gifts. We also have an ongoing relationship with Insight Global to provide their clients, employees, and partners with a wide variety of customized goods for numerous projects to further extend their reach of gratitude.



Insight Global is a premier staffing agency and managed services provider based in Atlanta, GA. Whether looking to fill a position at your business, take your own career to the next level, or simply join one of the best staffing teams in the country, Insight Global can help every step of the way.

Since their inception in 2001, Insight Global has created a foundation of staffing services to meet client’s unique needs, and drive lasting success. With more than 33,000 staffing requests each year for a diverse range of Fortune 1000 corporations, they have a focus on creating long-term partnerships with clients and an ongoing commitment to their employees.

Recently, Insight Global rebranded with these Shared Values; Everyone Matters, We Take Care of Each Other, Leadership is Here to Serve, High Character and Hard Work Above All Else, Always Know Where you Stand. These values are a fundamental part of their company and their future growth.


For their company store, they needed to:

  • Ensure brand consistency across the store website
  • Gain exposure through the encouragement to order goods decorated with the Insight Global logo
  • Ensured new brand consistency across the website
  • Have a platform to make it easy to invest money back into their people, through a simple online portal with fast turnaround on orders
  • Create a community-building tool, that internally supported their company and their values
  • Enjoy secure accessibility to the portal, in order to check analytics
  • Have special collections built specifically for each team within their business
  • Have control over the pricing tiers they used, in order to donate a portion of the proceeds to a non-profit of their choice
  • Have the ability to purchase and order employee gift cards for use in the company store
  • Provide a wide array of gifts to meet a variety of particular tastes and preferences
  • Be in compliance with specific back-end tax laws (unlike other company stores, which often are not tax compliant)
  • For their ongoing appreciation programs, they needed to:

  • Make new hires feel included, welcomed, and recognized in the company
  • Encourage inter-office camaraderie and teambuilding
  • Commemorate company events and experiences while representing their unique brand
  • Use company merchandise to effectively introduce their brand to potential clients and partners at events and trade shows
  • Have a high return on their investment
  • “Our shared values and culture are super important to us as a company and Clove & Twine has done an amazing job implementing them into the products we want.” -Bert Bean (CEO of Insight Global)

    The Clove & Twine Method

    Clove & Twine addressed these challenges with a streamlined, organized process by:
    • Building a completely unique company store, accurately detailed with proper brand and color standards
    • Understanding the Insight Global audience, and curating a full selection of remarkable products for their company store with attention to brand, budget range, and demographic, to ensure all gift recipients would be fully satisfied when shopping online
    • Creating a “new hire” process to decorate coffee tumblers with an employee’s individual name, as a gift when they begin to help them feel welcome
    • Providing high quality branded gifts to commemorate events that can continue to be used and cherished for years into the future
    • Ensuring that their gift selection online included family-related items, as a way to encourage gift giving to other colleagues and community members within the company
    • Supplying a broad spectrum of goods depending on budget for each occasion, from trade show items to executive gifts, without compromising quality
    • Allowing teams within Insight Global to customize their own team gear with unique logos, further connecting people within the company and creating community

    "Insight Global’s goal is to use high-end corporate branded products to incorporate our shared values, as well as, establish and promote a brand presence both internally and to our customers. Clove & Twine has been a remarkable partner in helping us do just that. It is the reason we always come back to them and will continue to partner with them in the future." -Noelle of Insight Global


    Clove & Twine met and exceeded expectations according to the requests and needs of Insight Global, which as led to an ongoing relationship between our two companies. The results of these projects include:

    • Maintenance of a well-branded company store that has opened doors for individual teams to create and build their own communities within the company itself
    • Purchases being made within the company store by managers & employees for their own teams & colleagues
    • Lower turnover rate at Insight Global, due to employees feeling welcomed, included, and appreciated throughout their careers
    • A strong bond between managers and team members within Insight Global and a sense of belonging