Sustainable Gifting Made Easy

We were tired of the status-quo, and wanted to help others give sustainable, high-quality gifts that they would be proud to give, and that people genuinely wanted to receive. We curate gifts for your unique needs, whether outfitting your team with elevated swag, saying ‘thank you’ to your investors, creating brand awareness, or showing gratitude for your clients, partners, or executives.

Gifts that grow with your company.

Gifts that grow with your company.

From closing your seed round to IPO, we help companies with gifting solutions throughout the entire lifecycle. From getting swag for your first employee to sending thank-you gifts to your investors after going public, we’ll meet you exactly where you are with the perfect gifting solutions.
We’ll Handle Your Corporate Gifts

We know how it feels to wear a lot of hats. Unlike other swag vendors, our gift concierge handles every detail from start to finish, meaning you can take back your valuable time and give gifts confidently.

Fill out this form to schedule a 15-minute introduction with a gifting concierge, where we'll assess your current strategy and give you a roadmap to elevate your gifting game. After our brief chat, we’ll send you a FREE gift!

Rules: New Clove & Twine customers only. Sample box shipped after 15-minute consultation. 1 gift box per customer. Only eligible for Mercury members. Shipping to U.S. only.