How to Welcome New Hires: The Best Corporate Gifts for Employees

Remember your first day of High School? 

You may have picked out your clothes the night before, or asked a parent to make sure to pick up the most trendy school supplies. Maybe you felt some nervousness and anticipation, and had thoughts running through your head like: 

  • Will I make some new friends?

  • Will the work be difficult?

  • Do I have all of the supplies I need? 

  • Will I like my teachers? 

  • Who will I sit with for lunch? 

  • Will people think my new sneakers are cool? 

Replace ‘teachers’ with ‘bosses,’ and these thoughts don’t differ much from starting a new job. (Hey, some folks are really into their sneakers.) 

Nervousness aside, it is up to you to make your new employees feel welcomed and set up for success on day one. 

Why is it essential to create a welcoming environment for new hires? 

Aside from the obvious, making employees feel welcome on their first day is an investment in their future with your company. According to Ariana Moon, the Director of Talent Acquisition for Greenhouse, having a solid onboarding plan is vital for the long-term retention of employees. 

According to Moon, industry surveys show that over 85% of new hires will decide whether or not they want to stay with a company during the first six months of their employment. She says, “That number can be traced back to the onboarding experience. 69% of employees will stay for longer than three years if their onboarding experience is good, while 1 in 5 will leave within 45 days if it’s bad.”

Those are significant statistics, especially since losing employees is so costly. In an article from Hubspot, lower turnover rates point to a company culture that is healthy and thriving. When considering the long-term success of your business, this component is vital. Losing just one employee can cost tens of thousands of dollars - even up to two times that employee’s salary. When you factor in productivity loss & training time, and vacancy cost (how many days the job hasn’t been filled combined with the job’s daily value), the costs add up quickly. 

You can take plenty of steps to ensure that employees feel welcomed and supported during their onboarding process. Communication of company values, clear expectations about duties and reporting, and even basic info about time-off requests and corporate holidays are excellent starting points. However, you can go the extra mile with new employee gift boxes or company logo items for employees and help solidify their bond as a part of your team. 

These are a few ideas for unique corporate gifts for employees. (Keep in mind, these ideas are not only great new employee gifts, but they are also wonderful to celebrate current employees - whether for an anniversary or promotion.)

How to Make New Hires Feel Welcome: Corporate Gifts for Employees

Sustainably Savvy Kit

Did you know that 46% of people have a more favorable opinion of a company if the gift they receive from them is environmentally friendly? Well, we can help with that. This kit is for the ever eco-aware, or even the environmentally-friendly-curious. A sleek Miir backpack, insulated reusable Miir bottle, and Karst stone notebook for recipients to take on their next travel adventure. Sustainability is here to stay!eco-friendly-corporate-gift-box-sustainable-employee-gifts

Merino & Cork Beanie

New employees will love this 100% natural, unbelievably soft beanie. Customize them with a unique tag with your company logo, and give new hires a warm welcome. (Literally.)

1% for the Planet Kit

We handpicked the items for this kit with Mother Earth in mind since each company included is devoted to developing sustainable products and practices. Not only do all of the companies that made the items in this kit donate 1% of their proceeds to environmental nonprofits, but they also use eco-conscious materials and support recipients in making less waste with reusable, long-lasting gifts. Share your value of sustainability with new hires, and give a gift that gives back!


Concrete Candle

These concrete candles are made with natural, clean-burning soy wax, are environmentally friendly, and have a stylish, modern look. The scents available are gentle and delightful, making them an excellent low-cost welcome gift for new employees.

Outdoorsy Deluxe Kit

Encourage your new employees to enjoy the great outdoors with this special deluxe kit. Whether they end up adventuring abroad or simply taking a relaxing weekend at home, this kit will be sure to bring more joy (and convenience) to any outdoor experience. It's basically sunshine in a box!

Marine Layer Afternoon Hoodie

Responsibly-made and oh-so-soft, this hoodie is guaranteed to become a favorite among your employees. Get it branded with your company logo and you'll have a team shirt that everyone will be stoked to wear!

MiiR Pourigami & Camp Cup Gift Set

Give new hires or long-time employees the gift of great coffee, anywhere. The Pourigami is the world's smallest, most durable portable travel coffee dripper - so pair that with the classic insulated MiiR Camp Cup and you have an amazing, remarkable gift.

Skullcandy Hesh 3 Wireless Headphones

With up to 22 hours of rechargeable battery life and Bluetooth connectivity, Hesh 3 Wireless is designed with a noise-isolating fit for comfortable all-day listening. Whether employees are working from home or the office, the design and quality make this the perfect over-ear headphone for any situation for maximum focus & productivity.

Solid Wood Laptop Stand

This premium laptop stand, handcrafted in solid wood and hard steel, will help boost employee comfort and productivity. It raises laptops to an ergonomic position reducing eye and neck strain, and creates easy storage for a keyboard & mouse. The perfect gift to start new employees off right.

Ember Mug

Designed for home or office, this mug is a unique corporate gift that does more than simply keep your recipient's coffee hot. The smart mug allows them to set an exact drinking temperature, so their coffee is never too hot, or too cold. This mug is a fantastic employee welcome gift, and can easily be branded with your company logo. 

Create custom gift boxes for employees with our new KitBuilder platform

New employee swag is just one component in starting your hires off on the right foot. Read more about ways to create a company culture where employees can continue to grow and thrive. 

Credit: Hubspot. "Why Millions of U.S. Employees are Quitting Their Jobs and How Companies Can Navigate." Forsey, Caroline. Nov 22, 2021.
How to Welcome New Hires: The Best Corporate Gifts for Employees

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