What is the Value of an Onsite Gifting Experience?

What makes an exclusive corporate event memorable?

Is it: 

  • The location?

  • The venue?

  • The social activities?

  • The event speakers?

  • Whether or not the DJ plays “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey?

  • The teeny tiny appetizers? 

We’d like to believe that the magic of a great corporate event experience or retreat is a combination of all these things. But there’s one crucial component missing… 

What does everyone take home with them? 

Maybe attendees end up with some high-end hotel bath products, the memory of a great conversation with a colleague, or a stray toothpick lingering in a pocket that they couldn’t figure out where to leave tastefully. 

What if you could give your attendees more?

What if you could enhance the event experience itself, then give them something to take home to remember, cherish, and use repeatedly well after the event has ended? 

This is why we developed our new Onsite Gifting program.



Event gifting elevates a conventional corporate event to a whole new level. It gives the attendees to your event the ability to shop for the gifts they want, with a curated and customized array of choices to suit their unique tastes. They have the opportunity to pick up the corporate gifts you’ve pre-selected, interact with their features, try them on, and ask questions directly to our experienced professionals. 

Planning a corporate event or retreat is a lot of work.
Implementing an on-site gift program with our team is a fantastic way to remove a considerable part of your planning requirements and assign complete gift management to our experts. We will even manage the gifting booth in person (from start to finish) so that you can get on to more important things. (Hopefully, it’s not stopping the DJ from playing “Don’t Stop Believin’.”)

Everyone attending your corporate event is different.
Rather than finding one gift that will suit everyone, onsite event gifting allows attendees the power to choose their own corporate gifts. We work with you on a budget and theme then provide a wide range of recommendations through years of experience. This allows your onsite gift experience to be an exciting addition to your event - empowering guests to choose a gift that suits their style and unique needs, leaving a lasting impression long after the event ends.

We believe that thoughtful corporate gifts are about building relationships.
Relationships between people are essential to us at Clove & Twine. Onsite gifting allows you to nurture relationships with your attendees - not only giving them a beautiful memory but also the connection of lasting value with you and your business. When they have something special that they choose to take home with them - or a unique item that shipped after the event or retreat - it creates a lasting joy as they use and love their gift. 

Our corporate event gifting plan will:

  • Give you access to our team of professionals, who will help support and manage your gift selection and distribution

  • Allow your attendees to touch, listen to, try on, sample, and interact with hand-picked quality products 

  • Provide attendees the capability to choose the gift they want that they know they will use and love

  • Remove any worry about event gift management - we will take care of all the details from gift selection, logistics, inventory, booth set up, guest experience, tear down, shipping, and anything else you need

Onsite gift experiences are an excellent addition to corporate events, corporate retreats, corporate holiday celebrations, and everything in between. 

Are you as excited as we are to get this party started? 

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