In-person corporate events are back - are you ready?

It is going to be a big year for corporate events. 

Although many virtual or hybrid events are probably here to stay (due to convenience, lowered cost, and allowing for a broader scope of attendees), many people are itching to get back to enjoying the new normal of in-person company meetings and events. 

This is especially true of special events that include travel for elite business partners and executives. There is something remarkable about flying off to a tropical destination, enjoying the luxury of resort stays, and indulging in all of the special corporate perks

Planning an in-person event this year? Here are some event trends to consider planning for in the upcoming year: 

Sustainability is going to be important - in every aspect. 

According to an article by Social Tables, it will be important when planning future top-tier events to make choices that have less of an impact on the planet. Sustainability is the responsibility of all of us, and surveys are showing that employees and partners value companies that make eco-friendly practices a priority.

Designate someone on your team to be the head of sustainable efforts and have them research and coordinate event-focused sustainability practices. Connect with the event venue ahead of time to see what decisions can shift to promote an eco-friendly atmosphere. These are some great ways to improve your business's overall sustainability practices

Health & safety will be a high priority. 

Event safety, especially regarding health and wellness, is no longer an expectation - it’s a necessary way to plan for any future events. Thorough cleaning of spaces & event locations, incorporating outdoor areas, table spacing, and flexible booking policies will be vital in ensuring the safety of guests and increasing comfort and enjoyment. 

Getting help from experts will be vital. 

We know how much work goes into corporate event planning, especially luxury top-tier corporate events or retreats. From hotel arrangements to travel coordination and catering to event management, your job is not easy. There are high expectations, and small decisions can make or break the success of an event. 

Looking to experts for support will be very helpful in making your life easier. For example, hiring someone to assist with your corporate event gifting needs is great - but what if you’re left in charge of managing those gifts and ensuring you have the correct amounts & proper sizing? Or what if you need items branded - even shipped to attendees afterward?

With our onsite gift experiences, we manage all aspects of your event gifting from start to finish. While many companies can check a few requirements, we can do it all - such as: 

  • Pre-event corporate gifts

  • Post-event gifts

  • Unbranded onsite gift experiences

  • Branded event gifts

  • Custom corporate gift boxes

  • Room drops

  • Drop shipping to attendees

  • … and everything in between.

We are your one-stop corporate event gifting specialists. Rather than going to multiple different places to find the solution for your onsite gift experience or coordinating with multiple vendors, our team does everything for you, from start to finish. Visit our onsite gift experience page for more information about how we will make your life easier and your event elevated. 

Smaller, more curated experiences. 

With higher-end corporate events, the guest list is already carefully selected. When considering the additional space needed for health & safety concerns, that list may need to be whittled down a little further. If your guest list is set, splitting events into multiple smaller experiences may be another option. 

Event planners can go the extra mile to make the event special for those attending, such as choosing a well-organized onsite gift experience and paying extra attention to unique food selections. If certain people elect not to attend - whether due to safety concerns, schedule conflicts, or otherwise - send a unique custom gift box to communicate their value to your company. 


When it comes to creating a memorable corporate event experience, a little extra forethought goes a long way. Rather than taking on every aspect of planning yourself, delegate work wherever possible to make your life a little bit easier. 

Our onsite gifting experience is sure to take your special corporate event to the next level. 

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