How to Fight Climate Change: What We Learned at the 1% for the Planet 2022 Global Summit


  • Because of microplastics that get into our food systems, humans consume about a credit-card-sized amount of plastic every week

  • It is 94% more efficient to use recycled aluminum than virgin / new aluminum.

  • The revolution of sustainability will be relational through connection and collaboration.

  • The future of this planet is within our communities and the power we find there.

  • Our privilege, connections, and access to other communities are our superpower as a sustainable business - we need to leverage these things and take action now.

These were just a few eye-opening facts our team learned at the 1% for the Planet Global Summit this year. Over three eventful days, we were energized by inspirational discussions, activities, and the connections we made with other passionate folks working hard to make the world a better place. 

We had the opportunity to attend a beach cleanup hosted by the Surfrider Foundation in Los Angeles. We helped collect 57 pounds of trash from the Santa Monica Beach in just a couple of hours. A lot of the garbage that we picked up was practically weightless too. We gathered so much plastic that was bound for the ocean, which could have stayed there for generations impacting ocean animals and other organisms. It was a stark realization of how much trash ends up in our waterways every day.


After German Lopez with The New York Times interviewed climate change experts for his article "Against Despair," he had reason to hope. The overall consensus is that progress has definitely been made worldwide in fighting climate change - and that there is still time to do more.


According to the New York Times, although continued global warming is inevitable, if world leaders meet their current promises to fight climate change then it is possible to slow its progress. A hard stop does not look in the cards, but slowing global warming is certainly possible as long as leaders keep their promises. 

Fear is one way to get people to wake up, pay attention, and start taking action. But when that fear becomes ingrained in our psyche, we can feel helpless and paralyzed when attempting to move forward. Pollution and energy problems can seem too big, and individual impacts can sometimes feel like a drop in the bucket. 

However, as we learned at the summit, individuals do matter. Communities can work together and create a collective approach that makes a powerful difference. When individuals support a cause, they make real change. 

"I am excited to create positive changes for a better future with all of you, and make a meaningful impact along the way. We may not get it right the first time, but we must take action to help our planet now, no matter how imperfect." 

- Devin Hieb, COO at Clove & Twine (in a recap email to our team)


We’re taking action now. There is no “planet B” - we’re kind of in love with this one. We built this company on the foundational concept of giving meaningful, thoughtful gifts rather than cheap swag or tchotchkes that ultimately end up in a landfill. We also partner with like-minded suppliers and brands that have a passion for sustainability and developing high-quality, lasting products. 

In 2021 we joined 1% for the Planet and began donating $1 from every shipment sent to One Tree Planted. Since $1 plants one tree, we are proud to say that we helped plant over 22,000 trees last year - and we hope to plant even more than that in 2022. 

As inspired by the summit, we started our own Sustainability Squad internally at C&T! These are the new initiatives we’ve already started rolling out in our office: 

  • Working towards joining Climate Neutral this year! 

  • We installed energy-efficient appliances in our kitchen

  • All lights are on timers and motion sensors to switch off when not in use

  • We take advantage of the beautiful Colorado sunshine - using overhead lights as little as possible, and taking advantage of large windows as a natural light source

  • No use of plastic in our packaging (such as plastic tape)

  • Reusable & washable bamboo “paper” towels in the kitchen 

  • No single-use plates, cups, or utensils

  • Carbonated water on tap (rather than aluminum cans)

  • We open the garage door for a natural breeze in the summer whenever possible

  • Energy-efficient power strips for computers

  • Plenty of office plants (to filter air and boost happiness)

  • Refillable Blueland soap, dishwasher tablets, and surface spray  

  • Composting through Scraps and recycling


We have a lot more planned for the future, and have big plans for the years ahead with adapting our business to be as sustainable as possible.

If we just keep taking and never give anything back in return, we will have nothing in the end. We have to step it up. As a company, as individuals, as members of the Clove & Twine team, and as humans on this earth, we will speak louder and support the things we care about and that truly matter.

We aren't ready to give up on this planet. 

We hope that sharing some of the actions we’re taking will inspire you. As we learned at the Summit: Change starts with us. It starts small and grows out.

Source: The New York Times. "Against Despair" by German Lopez. April 3, 2022.
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