8 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Wait Until December For Holiday Gifting

Every year when the holiday season comes around there is a mad rush to get everything done. With quarter-end goals to complete, social gatherings to plan, and coworkers taking time off, there are already plenty of things to stress about. Let alone worrying whether or not your boss will be getting up on stage to sing karaoke at the company holiday party. (Yikes.)

On top of everything, did you remember to set aside enough time to order, brand, approve, wrap, and ship all of your thoughtful corporate holiday gifts? If you are just getting the process started in November, it could already be a little too late.

Rather than add to an already stressful season, why not begin planning your holiday gift orders sooner rather than later?

8 Reasons to Start Planning Corporate Holiday Gifts Now

  1. You won’t get lost in the mix. Everyone sends out holiday gifts in December, and all of your customers, employees, and partners will receive their gifts all around the same time. Rather than be another box among many, your delivery will come when it’s not expected. It will be a pleasant and welcome surprise before the season even begins.

  2. The gift will come across as more than an obligation. Gifts given during the holiday season can become an expected gesture, rather than a token that is thoughtful and personal. When sending a gift early, you can take your time in curating the perfect message to say “thank you” to the recipient, and truly mean it.

  3. You’ll make a bigger impact. When your gift is received before everyone else’s, it shows your ability to plan well and think outside of traditional standards. The gift will make a unique and lasting impression.

  4. Your investment will be more safe. Considering how much people travel around the holiday season, and how many packages are either stolen off doorsteps or delayed due to weather, why risk losing a valuable investment? Ship corporate holiday gifts before the rush and you’ll ensure full delivery and delight.

  5. Your gift will encompass all beliefs. Whether recipients celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Yule, the Solstice, or just thankful-to-have-some-mandatory-time-off-work day, if your gift arrives in November it will be much less likely for offense to be taken by association to a specific religion.

  6. The gift can be more unique. Rather than scrambling to figure out universal gifts that work for everyone, you will have more time to curate your corporate gift to fit each recipient’s passion or personality. There will be less need for the gift to be ‘holiday themed’, and it will be more likely that the recipient will want to use the gift you give all year round.

  7. Stress will be less. Not only does it take time to seek out the perfect corporate gift for each client, customer, or partner, but consider the additional time to get gifts approved, have them branded appropriately with your company logo, review the design and placement, write a thoughtful note for each, then (finally) ship. You have plenty of other things to do. Why not cross holiday gifts off your list a solid month or two ahead of time?

  8. You will ensure positive brand values. What does a gift that’s received in January say? It says either “I forgot about you”, or “I didn’t plan well.” The time at which corporate holiday gifts are received should not reflect negatively on your brand or your company values. Rather than make recipients feel like an afterthought, let them know you are not only thinking about them, but that you truly care.

At Clove & Twine, we have a straightforward ordering process to get your corporate holiday gifts completed from start to finish. It starts with browsing our selection of remarkable products. Once you are ready to talk details or get more ideas give us a shout!

Not sure where to begin? Check out our custom kits and gift boxes for ideas that will make your recipients feel special and appreciated.

Let's get started.

Netflix holiday kit

We choose only remarkable products to feature on our website. This means that no matter what you order as your corporate gifts this year, when you order from Clove & Twine you can be sure your gifts are high-quality, beautifully designed, and that they will be cherished for years to come.

Ready to start your holiday gift orders early this year? Drop us a line!

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