Finding the Perfect Bag: Matador Company Spotlight

At Clove & Twine, we believe in that “perfect” bag. This perfect bag might look slightly different for each of us, however there are some qualities that are universal.

The perfect bag must:

  • Be durable for everyday use

  • Fit everything we could possibly need

  • Have an adequate number of pockets

  • Keep belongings safe and dry

  • Be comfortable to carry

  • Complement our style

Our selection of remarkable bags meet all of these requirements. It’s up to you to choose which bag perfectly fits you, and your business.

Gifting the perfect bag branded with your company logo is a reflection of the standards that you live up to each and every day. The quality that Matador offers is hard to beat, and that is why Clove & Twine has chosen them as this season’s featured supplier.


Matador’s gear was founded on a passion for travel, adventure, and the great outdoors. They have made it their mission to design the best packable gear possible, and it shows.


The founders of Matador were unwinding at a park in San Francisco back in 2014, and noticed people sitting in the grass on their coats or lugging around heavy blankets. Knowing they could find a better solution, they worked to create and launch the Matador Pocket Blanket - a waterproof seating surface that fits perfectly in a pocket.

Working out of a small bedroom, they leveraged the success of the Pocket Blanket to develop a full line of simple, thoughtful products designed for people on the go. Now, all Matador gear is designed at their headquarters in Boulder, Colorado.

Pocket Blanket

The love for travel and the outdoors constantly inspires the creators of Matador to focus on creating durable, practical, and beautifully designed adventure gear.

The more they travel, the more opportunities they find to apply their experience with materials and design to solve common challenges for adventure-seekers just like them.

One product at a time, they grew from the convenient simplicity of the Pocket Blanket into a brand of high-quality ultralight travel gear.


Matador is funded entirely by loyal customers. Rather than turning to venture capital funding, or crowdfunding such as Kickstarter, Matador has forged their own path without outside influence or pressure.

This decision has helped Matador have the freedom to design products that they love, experiment with new innovations, and create whenever they find a unique opportunity.


Matador and Clove & Twine love travel. We understand the importance of having reliable gear, and Matador shares that understanding with their commitment to designing products that last. They use the best materials and hardware they can find, building products that are light but durable. Their designs are functional and timeless, giving them the capability to look great season after season.

At Clove & Twine, we believe that all products should be used over and over again. The love for a great product grows as we get accustomed to the features and functionality.

The perfect bag is not just elegant in form and design, but also in the way that we use it in our everyday lives.

 Matador bags

It is how that perfect bag functions with us, and how it becomes a tool to make us feel more comfortable and better prepared for all of life’s experiences.

Remarkable products, like those from Matador, get better with each adventure.

The question is, where will you take it?

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