Custom Dog Gifts by Wild One

We love our furry friends at Clove & Twine. When we asked our team to talk about their pups, the response was overwhelming! We quickly realized that the relationship folks have with their dogs is extraordinary. Have a dog-friendly office? How about clients who have a strong bond with their pups? 

Wild One connects pets and people through thoughtful design and community. Their entire selection of pet essentials makes morning walks, commutes, and park visits easier and more joyful for your recipients and their dogs. 

Here are a few custom dog gifts from Wild One for the dog lovers you want to connect with. 

Custom Dog Gifts by Wild One: Unique and Personalized Dog Swag

Personalized Dog Gifts: Wild One Leash


This leash is an excellent company gift for employees or clients with a dog (or dogs). A durable, waterproof leash easily allows recipients to change lengths. It’s dirt and odor resistant, easy to clean, and made with sturdy, high-quality hardware for long-term use. 

Customized Pet Owner Gifts: Wild One Triangle Tug


With two shapes and two textures, the Triangle Tug is perfect for tug-of-war! Your recipients will love this custom dog gift, as it’s made with 100% natural rubber (reinforced for added strength), 100% natural cotton (with reinforced stitching), and BPA-free. 

Custom Corporate Gifts for Dog Lovers: Wild One Mealtime Kit 


Your recipients probably already have dog bowls, but they don’t have dog bowls like this. With sturdy food-grade stainless steel bowls and a placemat of non-toxic, non-slip silicone, their pup’s food set-up just got an upgrade. Oh, and the color options are cute, too. 

About Wild One: Custom Dog Swag for Corporate Gifts

Wild One is all about connecting pets & people through thoughtful design and community. Their pet essentials make life easier and more fun for both your recipients and their dog(s). Everything they make is developed with a function-first perspective because “looks nice” only matters when paired with “works well.” 

They’re aligned with their mission of constantly improving their products & practices, thinking sustainably, and bringing awareness to animal rescue. The ultimate goal of Wild One is to create simple, well-designed, safe products to make customers (and their pets) happier, build a strong community, and make the future a bit brighter. 

Ready to begin your order of company gifts (or custom gift boxes) for the dog lovers in your company? Let’s get started

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