7 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Wait Until December For Holiday Gifting

Every year, when the holiday season comes around, there is a mad rush to get everything done. With year-end goals, increased social gatherings, and coworkers taking time off, plenty of things to worry about already exist. Let alone worrying whether or not your boss will be getting up on stage to sing karaoke at the company holiday party. (Yikes.)

On top of everything, did you remember to set aside enough time to select, decorate, approve, and ship your thoughtful holiday gifts? It could be too late if you are just starting this process in November!

Rather than add to an already stressful season, why not begin planning your holiday gift orders sooner rather than later?

7 Reasons to Start Planning Corporate Holiday Gifts Now

Custom company Gift box example

  1. The gifts will come across as thoughtful rather than obligatory.
    Many gifts sent during the holiday season, especially from businesses, can come across as an obligation - an expected gesture. Making your corporate gifts thoughtful and personal takes a little extra time for selection and planning. Whether sending a gift earlier in the season or allowing additional time to ship early in the new year (rather than over the busy holidays) will ensure that your gifts are well-curated, thoughtful, and high-quality.

    You’re spending a chunk of money on these company gifts. Why lower the impact by rushing things? Allowing for extra time helps ensure better gifts overall. 

  2. You’ll make a more significant impact.
    Whenever your company gifts ship out or arrive to your recipients, planning now will allow you to choose gifts that show you genuinely care. If corporate gifts arrive early, folks will have a high bar set for any other gifts they receive this year. If they come right on time for the holidays, they’ll know you thought of everything this year! If they arrive early in the new year, it’ll be a wonderful and unexpected surprise.

    Either way, planning corporate gifts now will help you make a unique and lasting impression. 

  3. Your investment will be safer.
    Considering how much people travel around the holiday season and the chance of shipment delays due to weather or supply chain issues, why risk losing a valuable investment? The holiday season is the busiest time of year for shipping & receiving. Plan early, and you’re planning to increase the protection of your investment in company gifts

  4. You will get the gifts you want. 
    The pandemic significantly disrupted the supply chain, and many companies that make products that we sell are still recovering. Planning early will ensure that gift inventory won’t run out as orders increase during the busy holiday season. 

  5. The gifts can be more customized.
    Rather than scrambling to figure out what to add to your company gift boxes, you’ll have your pick of a wide range of gift combinations! On top of that, you’ll be able to do even more customization - whether decorating products with your logo, adding a personal message printed on the inside of the box, including custom tissue paper, and so much more. Starting now will make it so you can customize your corporate gift boxes to your heart’s desire! 

  6. Stress will be less.
    When has trying to complete a task at the last minute ever NOT been stressful? Add approvals, product ordering & shipments, turnaround time of any customizations, detailed packaging, and finally, shipping - that’s a lot to try and do accurately in a short amount of time. Our team is made up of gifting experts who will ensure your corporate gifting process goes smoothly, so why wait when you have a million other things to do during the holiday season? Contact us now, and we’ll help you cross ‘get holiday gifts’ off your list so you can get on to other (more important) things. 

  7. You will ensure positive brand values.
    Not only will your gifts accurately represent what your recipients mean to you (and your company), but you will make recipients feel appreciated and valued. When recipients open your thoughtful gifts, they will elicit the intended reaction (joy, excitement, gratitude). Your investment in high-quality, sustainable corporate gifts will go much further when your gifts are appreciated and show how much you care. 

custom corporate gift example

At Clove & Twine, we have a straightforward ordering process to get your corporate holiday gifts completed from start to finish. It starts with browsing our selection of remarkable products. Once you are ready to talk details or get more ideas, give us a shout!

Need help figuring out where to begin? Check out our custom kits and gift boxes for packaging and product combinations to inspire you, or pop over to our Instagram page to see the latest trends in gifting

Use this link to set up a free consultation, and we’ll walk you through our one-on-one gifting process.

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