Why Sustainability is So Important in Corporate Gifting

What is the latest trend in corporate gifting?

If you guessed glitter iPhone cases, you’d be wrong.
It’s sustainability.

The truth is, a lot of corporate swag ends up getting tossed out. A plastic branded pen ain’t exactly a “keepsake” item. And when 23% of corporate gifts are tossed in the trash, that means those items are doing anything great for the planet either. 

A 2017 study revealed that 3 out of 5 Americans hope that businesses will take the lead in making positive environmental changes for the future. This means that consumers are expecting a lot from companies, making it a pivotal time to start making more sustainable choices - and these companies are waking up to this reality. As of September 2021, 201 businesses have accepted the climate pledge to meet net-zero emissions by the year 2040. 

Many companies are beginning to see the value in choosing branded gifts that are high-quality and that recipients will actually want to use. In fact, this 2019 study revealed that 46% of people have a more favorable opinion of a company if the gift they receive is environmentally friendly.

Suppliers of these goods are also finding value in making more forward-thinking choices, like utilizing manufacturers that pay their workers fairly, using sustainable materials like recycled plastic, or joining 1% for the Planet.

Ultimately, the hot gift items for 2021 and beyond will be eco-friendly.

Here are some great eco-friendly corporate gift ideas from our outstanding sustainable suppliers:


LARQ Bottle PureVis

There are many water bottles available out there, but the LARQ bottle goes way beyond being reusable. It is the world’s first self-cleaning water bottle and water purification system, using UV-C LED light to eliminate up to 99.9999% of bio-contaminants.⁠ This is a new and unique offering that you recipients will absolutely love. 


Nomadix Festival Blanket

This blanket is the gift your recipients didn’t even know they needed. Especially excellent for outdoor lovers, the soft plush top and water-resistant base ensure a dry, cozy seat. Easy to roll up and take on a beach vacation (sand doesn’t stick), to the park for lounging, or as an extra blanket during winter. Diverse, reusable, and oh-so-lovely. 


Nimble Wireless Stand

Nimble selects high-quality, low-impact materials for their products without sacrificing performance. They utilize fabric blends made with organic hemp and recycled plastic bottles, making their tech gear both modern and sustainable. Optimized perfectly for Android, Samsung, and iPhone devices. 


KeepCup Brew

KeepCup is a strong advocate for the eradication of single-use coffee cups. Beautifully designed travel mugs are definitely their style and just so happened to be 100% barista-approved. It's a no-brainer addition to elevate your sustainable holiday gift boxes to an even more delightful level. 


Patagonia Hoodie

There is a good reason why Patagonia is a leader in the sustainable supply chain: the company’s founder partnered on developing 1% for the Planet and subsequent movement towards encouraging companies to give back. Their jackets are some of the most desired products on the market since they’re durable, warm, reliable, and stylish. Patagonia makes the ultimate eco-friendly corporate gifts that will be worn and loved for years to come. 


Sunski Dipsea Polarized Sunglasses

Sunski’s polarized sunglasses have been at the top of our “best seller” list for a few great reasons: they are the perfect combination of style, comfort, performance, and sustainability. Made from recycled plastic and gifted with a microfiber carrying pouch, we love adding them to gift boxes or branding them for corporate events. They’re diverse and a total crowd-pleaser. 


Tentree Organic Cotton Zip Hoodie

Gift a classic cozy hoodie made from fair-trade certified 100% organic cotton that’s Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold, which means it can go safely back into the earth once your recipients have finished loving it. Every item purchased from Tentree plants 10 trees (hence their name), and they’ve already planted 58,060,422 trees to date. Now that’s a gift that’s green. 


Peak Design Field Pouch 

Practicality melded with elegant design, this pouch from Peak Design expands to fit cords, accessories, batteries, hard drives, and anything else that needs to stay organized. It even repels water to keep these items safe, making it a great eco-friendly gift to give this holiday season. 

Eco-friendly corporate gifts are valued very highly these days. People are beginning to understand the impact we are making on the planet and have a strong desire to make lifestyle changes to support a better future for all.

Sustainability is the best gift you can give this year.

Sustainability has been a long-standing part of our foundation at Clove & Twine. This is why we joined 1% for the Planet along with thousands of other ethical businesses taking action to heal the planet.

Let’s get your sustainable corporate holiday gifts rollin’! Email hello@cloveandtwine.com, and one of our gifting experts will help you get started. Are you feeling ambitious? Try our new KitBuilder platform. (It’s not just handy - it’s fun too.)

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