Maternity & Paternity Leave | How Supporting Employee Leave Builds a Better Company

When a new bundle of joy enters the world, it is a truly exciting moment. It’s also a huge life change - a time of stress, sleepless nights, and a strange new desire to bond with the tiny loved one.

Although the Family and Medical Leave Act mandates 12-weeks of job-protected unpaid leave in the U.S., companies are under no obligation to support employees financially or offer any additional time off beyond that period. Other countries offer much more to new parents, and this infographic from the Huffington Post shows how far we lag behind with this outdated structure.

The truth is this: We are the only country in the industrialized world that does not require paid time off for new parents.

Yet lately the atmosphere in corporate America is changing, and new plans are being formed to allow for paid maternal and paternal leave, as well as an option for additional time off. Why are more and more companies deciding to go above and beyond the bare minimum regarding maternity and paternity leave?

To promote work-life balance.

More companies are understanding the value of supporting employee health and overall happiness in all aspects of life rather than just in the office.

To reduce employee turnover.

What incentive does an employee have to return to a job that doesn’t support their life choices? A company that understands the importance of building a nourishing relationship between parent and child sets a valuable example for creating a devoted employee base.

To support values that matter.

Companies that value families and human connections understand that spending time with loved ones shouldn’t be a luxury that employees can’t afford. Since our society doesn’t have higher standards in place, it’s up to individual businesses to create a culture that will reflect the needs of their specific organization and employees.

To create positive change for future generations.

Studies researching the value of paid-leave programs have shown results that prove their importance. When these types leaves are supported, children are healthier and show higher learning capabilities and IQ. Parent-child relationships are stronger, leading to more nurtured education and growth in the future.

Many companies on the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For list have made the move to offer more flexibility and an option of additional time off for parents. Could this be one of their secrets to success? We certainly think so. Employee appreciation is important!

“Family leave, childcare, flexibility - these aren’t frills. They’re basic needs. They shouldn’t be bonuses - they should be the bottom line.”
- Barack Obama

There are additional ways employers can provide support outside of paid leave. Showing a sincere interest in their family and wellness, giving a thoughtful curated gift of congratulations, allowing for additional flexibility, and showing general attentiveness creates a more positive work atmosphere during this type of life change.

At Clove & Twine, we will help curate the perfect maternity leave gift boxes for your employees. These are the perfect way to represent your joy, and show appreciation for everything your employees do.

New Baby Gift Boxes to Send to Employees

The Welcome Baby Kit
A beautifully wrapped bundle that includes 1 stuffed animal (of your choice), 1 teether toy, 1 hat, and 1 greeting card. Perfect to welcome a new baby with style!

The Celebrate Baby Kit
This gorgeous box comes filled with 1 wooden rattle, 1 article of clothing (hat or onesie), 1 greeting card, 1 book, and 1 candle. Want a little extra? Add a bundle of flowers and/or handwritten note for a small additional charge.

Welcome Baby Kit

The Playful Baby Kit
At one step up, this kit includes everything listed above, as well as 1 animal lovey for extra cuteness, and additional customizable choices.

Celebrate Baby Kit

As always, we can customize any kit or component of the kit with the baby's name or birthdate, or the packaging with your brand, for an added personalized touch.

Let's get started.

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