Top New Corporate Gifts for 2022

There are plenty of opportunities to give corporate gifts outside of the holiday season. Consider these life or work events as great occasions to send remarkable, sustainable corporate gifts to clients, partners, or employees:

Whatever reason you’re searching for great corporate gifts, you can be sure that the options you find with us are going to be memorable, thoughtful, remarkable, and sustainable.

These are the new companies we are now partnering with, and a few of our favorite featured products. 

The Best New Corporate Gifts for 2022

California Cowboy

california cowboy robe corporate gift idea for clients

(Item pictured: Men's El Garibaldi Robe)

When we met the folks with California Cowboy, we found the last robe your recipients will ever want or need. Lined with soft & absorbent terry cloth, these robes function as a towel and a fashion statement. Their thoughtful design includes a dry pocket for safe tech storage, a loop for sunglasses, a bottle opener, and a large back pocket, big enough to carry around a bottle of champagne. How often your recipient will need to bring along a bottle of champagne is entirely up to them. 


(Item pictured: Cotopaxi Bataan Hip Pack)

Cotopaxi designs and develops outdoor gear that is sustainably focused and dedicates a percentage of their revenues to nonprofits working to improve the human condition. Cotopaxi focuses on developing durable, earth-gentle gear and they make purposeful choices to make products as circular as possible. They aim to use repurposed, recycled, and responsible materials for all products by 2025, and have even launched a platform for repairs and resale to encourage long-term use of their products. 

Solé Bicycles

(Item pictured: Single Speed Fixed Gear Bicycle)

Why not have a little fun with a completely customized bicycle? Solé believes that a bicycle should be more than just sporting equipment - it should be an extension of your life, and your brand. Their fashion-forward bicycles can be designed in your company’s vision from the ground up, customizable with your logo and brand colors. Whether you're in small business looking to outfit the office with communal transportation or a large corporation looking for a unique and effective marketing tool to engage customers, we have you covered.


(Item pictured: Stone Diffuser)

Started by siblings Sara & Sean Panton, Vitruvi diffusers were developed as an alternative to standard (often toxic) home scenting products. The diffusers double as decor and 100% pure scents and are vegan, cruelty-free, and free from synthetic fragrances and ingredients. They created better products for people and the planet and use 100% recyclable, reusable, or biodegradable packaging. They look beautiful, smell wonderful, and make a unique corporate gift. 


(Item pictured: Milano Stone Moka Pot Coffee Maker)

In the very beginning when Grosche set out to start their business, they knew it was always going to be about much more than just beautiful drinking vessels. Every product they sell funds their safe water project, helping communities in need have consistent access to clean drinking water. They use their business model to support as many sustainable practices as possible, including planting trees with Trees for the Future, generating income with their own banana plantation, diverting 91% of their waste from landfills, and proudly having a negative carbon footprint. 

When you order Grosche products through Clove & Twine, you're giving more than just a high-quality gift. We have partnered with Grosche to donate 20% of our proceeds from items sold to support implementing and maintaining water filtration systems in countries without access to clean drinking water. 

When you give Grosche products to your recipients, you're also giving the gift of clean drinking water to people in need by choosing Clove & Twine. 

Got Bag

got bag rolltop corporate gift

(Item pictured: Rolltop Got Bag)

The world’s first backpack made entirely from ocean plastic, Got Bag is doing incredible things for the earth. They created a network of over 2,000 Indonesian fishermen to recover the plastic they pull in with their nets and recycle it into the durable, waterproof materials that make up these innovative bags. Their recycling process - and all production steps - have the lowest possible negative impact on people and the environment. Their bags are also thoughtfully designed with various colors and styles to suit any taste. 

Sukk Straws 

(Item pictured: Sukk Extendable Stainless Steel Straw)

To reduce plastic waste (and chuck the need for poorly functioning paper straws), Sukk developed a sustainable, extendable, retractable, compact drinking straw small enough to fit on a keychain. Their entire business was built on an eco-friendly foundation - from stainless steel straws to vegan leather carrying cases, and from recycled paper packaging to compostable shipping bags, they make products that look good and make you feel good about giving. 


(Item pictured: RAINS Curve Jacket)

As an original outerwear and lifestyle brand, RAINS has reimagined the classic rubber raincoat into a contemporary urban design. They blend a neo-Scandanavian aesthetic with signature fabrics made from innovative and sustainable materials. They have longevity built into their foundation and work to be ethically responsible all the way through their supply chain. RAINS does a beautiful job of merging high-end style and functionality with a thoughtful and sustainable business model. Rainwear never looked (or felt) so good. 

We now are updating our list of new products every week! Find your new favorite memorable corporate gifts.

A great way to make your gift extra special and memorable is by sending your corporate gifts in custom gift boxes - tailored to match your company’s unique brand. Start building your corporate gift boxes by using our KitBuilder platform. It’s the easiest, most seamless step-by-step process for building your remarkable company gifts.

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