A great way to start this blog, as that expression was coined by professional cyclist Jens Voigt when asked how he overcomes the grueling hill climbs!

Not only do I see "Shut Up Legs" written in chalk on famous mountain passes like Col du Tourmalet as I'm watching the Tour de France, but also on our own Colorado mountains like Mount Evans, Independence Pass, and Trail Ridge Road.

As the cycling season is ramping up, it's time to take stock of your company’s cycling plans. If you're like me and many of my professional colleagues here in Colorado, cycling is not only a regular weekend activity, but has become an enjoyable way of doing business during the week.

Why? Because road cycling for many is the “new golf.”

Twenty years ago I can’t recall anyone who would think of cycling as a way to connect with a prospect or client. Au contraire, as today a significant portion of the business community I’m involved in enjoys cycling as much as or more than golf when it comes to business networking.

One great example is the Boulder-based “Wednesday Morning Velo” - a collection of 500+ business people that for the past 17-years find cycling as a great way to discuss business and further relationships, all while promoting a healthy lifestyle. They even formed Cyclists 4 Community, a non-profit organization whose mission is for cyclists, business people, and individuals to give back to local communities and forge positive relationships with everyone on the road. What a great idea!

Many Colorado corporations have their own cycling cadres, either formerly or informally organized. Some corporations really take the plunge, and sponsor large-scale events involving hundreds or thousands of cyclists. My closet is full of great jerseys from such rides and every time I wear them I am continuing to advertise - free of charge - the sponsoring company. How’s that for driving up the number of “impressions?”

In support of these activities, Clove & Twine is excited to announce a new partnership with Primal Wear! We are now carrying their amazing and high-quality men and women's cycling gear, ranging from jerseys and shorts, to pro caliber full cycling kits (and fun socks, of course). All customizable to prominently feature your company’s logo and branding.

While Primal Wear provides some of the most technologically advanced and fashion forward cycling gear out there, that’s not all they offer. Clove & Twine offers Primal's new line of fully customizable lifestyle, active, and fashion wear that you can’t find anywhere else. That way when the ride is over, you can reward yourself with a burger and beer in comfort and style.

Another great reason we chose to exclusively carry the Primal Wear line is that they give back by supporting healthy outdoor activities. Numerous corporations around the world are choosing to encourage active lifestyle choices, like cycling, that benefit their employees, their community, and the world at large. From corporate teams for charity rides, Clove & Twine and Primal Wear help make a company's brand stand out to the world!

Keep The Rubber Side Down (i.e. be safe)!

Gift Responsibly, David


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